What do you think about Onimusha: Warlords Remastered?

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I've been asking for an Onimusha HD collection since they started during them but now that it's partially a reality, I'm a bit nervous. I know for a fact they don't really hold up but goddamn, do I have fond memories of the series, especially this first one.

Here is an announcement trailer that's clearly too long and the voice is rough. They should've used the Japanese voice and subtitles for sure.

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It looks cool. I watched SGB's playthrough last year (?) so not sure I'll get it since I've seen the whole game in action already. Then again, that didn't stop me with the first 2 God of War games so maybe I'll spring for it down the line, especially since $20 is pretty cheap these days. Though I doubt it can compete with the Bayonetta duo and soon to be trilogy that I'll already have on my Switch...

Regardless, glad that people are getting what they want and hope everyone enjoys ^_^

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I really love these games too but I'm also nervous like you. My fondest memories are of the third one though. Either way as long as it's not crazy pricey I'll be picking it up. Hopefully they'll think about making a new one.

That voice acting sure is something.

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I'm pretty damn happy. It may not have aged well, but I don't care I enjoyed them greatly. Really looking forward to 3 because it's my favorite. I hope all 4 get remastered because I still never did finish the 4th game.

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I didn't end up playing this one, but remastering the very first Onimusha game is a bit weird, considering most people fell in love with Onimusha 2 or 3. I wish they had just done them all at once - it would sell much better than just a Warlords remaster. If this one doesn't sell, we may not even see remasters for the other games, let alone a new Onimusha.

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I'm more happy to see companies "HD" or "Remaster" older games like this that were pretty good but have become somewhat forgotten. Instead of remastering something that came out a year ago and no one needs on a new platform.

I still have my copy of this for PS2. I remember it being one of the earlier games I got for the system? And enjoying it. Can't remember if I beat it; don't think I played any of the others? Still cool to see this and maybe I'll pick it up. Or not. Lets get a Stuntman remaster. Or Front Mission 4.

Edit: I think I just remembered that I actually played this game for a minute a day or two before this was announced? How weird and crazy. Hadn't touched it for over a decade probably. I was messing around with my PS2 and grabbed a couple random games off the shelf to test. Or, seeing the trailer and having tested some PS2 games recently, my memory is now a blurred mess and I didn't actually touch this.

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@inresurrection: There are fans for all of them but I don't know where you're getting the idea that most ppl fell in love with 2 or 3. Warlords sold the best and it was the most impressive due to it's proximity to the PS2 launch. Anyway, my guess is that negotiations are tougher for those as they used even more real life actors. Either that or it's typical Capcom greed, trying to squeeze out every cent.

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@liquiddragon: Fair enough, I guess I'm mistaken. Just seems weird to test the waters for interest in Onimusha with only a single game being remastered.

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@inresurrection: I know, it’s lame. I especially want to try Dawn of Dreams. Never got to play that one.

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Never played any of them but happy to see Capcom putting in the work to preserve some of their older series. Hope at some point we get an collection of RE1,2 3, and CVX

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I remember being mildly fond of it when it came out, but I'm pretty sure that the gameplay will not have aged well. It was a weird combination of Resident Evil and Ninja Gaiden kind of gameplay.

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I love this franchise and regret that it has languished for so long. If they want to re-release each game with updated controls and higher-resolution graphics for $20.00 each, I'll happily buy each game for such said price. Like KingBonesaw, I'm happy to see Capcom doing something with this IP again.

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It's been a long time since i played it, but i know it's pretty special.
I fully expect the start of the game to feel dated, in audio, visual and in some gameplay mechanics, but it really evolves and gets its hooks into you the further in you get.

It's about time it got a HD release.

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It's looking like this is a remaster of the PS2 version and not Genma Onimusha for the Original Xbox, the version that better graphics, better sound, more content, new mechanics. That seems like the sort of stuff you'd want.

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@brackstone: what if you could show support for the series by paying for Genma in a separate remaster?

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Now everyone can experience the pure suffering that is the water-block puzzle...in HD!

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I remember getting stuck on a puzzle in that game and then never going back to it. I'm excited to try again, and hopefully I've gotten smarter since I was like 12.

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I’ll take more Onimusha however I can get it. I am a huge fan of the series and I honestly believed that Capcom would never touch the series ever again, so I’m thrilled.

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I have very vague memories of an Onimusha game from my childhood but I have literally no idea which one. My brother and I activated a cheat code to be a panda and there was no way to remove it, so we were really bummed.

This looks way, way better than I thought it would, honestly. I always forget how crisp and clean PS2 games look when they're remastered.

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Wish it was the Genma version, but I'll still throw money at it to support Onimusha however I have to to get more of it down the line.

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I was a huge fan of Onimusha 2, kept playing the series after that point but it never quite hit the spot like that again.

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DoD is the absolute bastard child of this series, I hated it. It is the Crystal Skull of Onimusha.