Possible 10-25% PC hardware price increase due to new Trump Tariffs

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Not all PC hardware is affected.

"We’ve heard from multiple industry contacts that the US tariffs that may go into effect on September 6th are causing trouble for PC component manufacturers. The new tariffs are expected to impact component import cost by anywhere from 10% to 25%, depending on final decisions at the USTR, and those costs will largely be passed on to consumers. Right now, we know that video cards, motherboards, coolers, power supplies, and likely cases will be impacted. Most manufacturers with US-based warehouses have been importing as much product as possible before the decision, as the tariffs will only impact cost of items not yet in port stateside. Every add-in board partner is impacted and every power supply maker is affected, from what we’re told."


Starts at 3:42.

This Black Friday might end up with worse deals than last year on certain hardware. If you were planning on buying PC parts it might be a good idea to buy them sooner rather than later.

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Can't say I'm surprised. Tariffs get passed onto consumers eventually

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Great, right when I'm thinking about building a new PC. I guess I'll stick to consoles only for awhile longer.

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@zeik said:

Great, right when I'm thinking about building a new PC. I guess I'll stick to consoles only for awhile longer.

Maybe jump on eBay and get a custom prebuilt. I did that last year and ended up with a capable mid-range (i5, 1050ti, SSD+HDD... only 8GB of RAM, but that's easy enough to rectify) for less than 400 bucks. It's ugly, being a gutted and modified HP, but it's a fraction of the cost of building the same rig piecemeal. I can only imagine that they'll be a good deal even with the tariff bump. I can recommend the seller I used if you're interested.

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Get ready for that to hit many industries. A lot of restaurant equipment has increased, too; and I would have to imagine that would extend to food production in general, not just for restaurants. It's not as though these industries will refrain from passing those increases to the consumer unless they make cuts elsewhere.

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But, I thought there would only be the best deals?

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I already pay almost 65% of my income to taxes (between sales tax, tolls, fed/state taxes, property tax, etc - I did the math last year). The fact that Trump's "trade war" is going to result in the consumer paying more in taxes across multiple industries while the richest 10% use loop holes to keep their income away from taxes really irks me

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It sure is expensive to be alive these days.

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It sure is expensive to be alive these days.

Not to get TOO deep into politics, but no, it's not. It's not "more expensive to be alive these days" at all. It's the actions of the politicians that make it so. (For those in the US, remember to vote this November!)

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We just got past this whole bitcoin nonsense and now video cards are getting more expensive again, just in time for RTX. What a pain.

Everything just keeps getting more and more expensive. Good thing I have a good backlog of games because it won’t be long before food is the only thing I can afford.

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It's happening. 10% by october. 25% by next year. Shipping costs from China are going up because everyone is trying to ship items before the Tariffs take effect.

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Huh weird, almost like tariffs are bad for trade when American companies have been investing billions on foreign manufacturing for decades.

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If that happens this will mean %30-40 or more in Canada. Ouch.

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@applegong: Canada has no Chinese tarrifs in place. This shouldn’t affect anything here, at least not significantly. If it does, then it’s collusive price gouging by computer retailers which should be investigated.

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Taiwan isn't China it might be for the Chinese but it isn't for the rest of the world. Most of this is speculation at this point. prices could just rise because of shortage ETC. So hold your horses for now.

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Thanks, Obama.


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Bonbonetti does not make me sad more than I am now... I need to set up a new build for work/fun because my old laptop is dying (fabric issues). All parts all still strong for work i5/8gb/gtx660m but it is broken from bottom more and more. I do not want to think about prices because it is terrible.