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Okay, this might be an overstatement, I know this is really the sequel to Super Mario 3D Land, but for some reason when I see the title, I think, is this secretly Super Mario World 3? We already had the two SM World games for the SNES, with of course the second one being a controversial game on this site. Maybe Nintendo is sneaking the 3D into the title to sneak in the fact that this is the 3rd Super Mario World.

Now compared to the first Super Mario World, I know there are only a few similarities between the two. Some similar enemies are back in this title, namely Chargin' Chucks and the Round Goombas that don't get squished in one jump make a return. And in the latest trailer, those lava dragons from Vanilla Dome are back too!

I don't know, yes this game does not have all the crucial SMW elements such as Yoshi or the cape feather power-up. And the fact that you can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad is a throwback to SMB2. But man, would it be crazy if Nintendo just said this was the third Super Mario World game, or even the true sequel to SMW because in Japan, Yoshi's Island was never called Super Mario World 2.

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Super Mario World 3 did not have cat Goombas:

Look at Those Ears
Look at Those Ears

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@zombiepie: Goodpoint! Super Mario World didn't have anything cat bullet bills either! If you saw the trailer, you know what I'm talking about!

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While we're at it, maybe Luigi's Mansion was a true sequel to Mario is Missing!

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Super Mario World 3 did not have cat Goombas:

Thank Christ.

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You know, the game does play the SMB 3 death theme when you die...