I found a great place to get challenges done/fun playground!

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I was driving around, something I find immensely enjoyable, just kind of exploring, and happened upon a little arch that had a discount sign under it, so I naturally slipped through the arch and smashed the sign. Expecting the rough path ahead of me was, like most, a narrow, invisibly walled in path. I was so convinced of this, I followed the path through a rough farmland until I reached pavement once again. On a whim, after driving past and noticing how open and devoid of fences the patch of land was, and swerved off of the road into the fields.

To my surprise, my Mitsubishi skittered across the grass, my back end sliding out to take me around a sprinkler and I let myself coast to a stop.

So naturally, I took note of it's location and careened back to the autoshow to buy and fully upgrade a Range Rover, and take it out to play.

Here's the map location for those who want to check it out:

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I know the golf course well, yet, I cannot find this arch that had the discount sign. I think it's one of the five I need to get them all!

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