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Needed Change of Pace 0

I've liked the Forza titles thus far, but to ignore that they needed some changes was to be blind to reality. Many, many races on the same tracks over and over becomes hard to miss over the years. It's doubly rough when one of the main tracks, such as Nurburgring, is one you really do not much care for. When I first learned of Horizon's intention to become an open world racer, ala Burnout Paradise, I had doubts. But the minds who were not behind the Forza series to date put them all to rest wit...

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Is Forza Forza anymore? 0

Yes, don't be stupid. What kinda question is that? Forza Horizon is pretty much the same game all you Forza fans know and love except with a more arcade style control system. Now don't you fret, you can go back to the simulation style Forza is know for, with an added bonus of a bigger reward percentage for the added difficulty. However, for the average racing enthusiast, you can look forward to a Burnout Paradise feel without the crazy crashing. Based in a made-up city in lovely Colorado, Forza ...

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The newest game of this series may have come out recently but the first game is still really fun 2

Forza Horizon does one very important thing upfront that turned it from a car game I barely spent any time with into one I wanted to keep playing. That one thing is the way the vehicles control. I can like realistic physics on cars as noted by Forza 3 but it isn't something I tend to play often. Yet it doesn't matter here since it is weighted more in the arcade style of racing which lets me drift all over the place with ease. Like any good video game, it does contextualize why you're racing thr...

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Amazing amalgam of arcade and simulation styles 0

Forza Horizon is a well balanced arcade-style racer filled with personality, fast cars, and some amazing visuals. The game’s steering model holds true enough to the Forza roots to feel challenging and tactile while loosening up enough to feel floaty and fun. It’s amazing how well the game melds both simulation and arcade styles together. The game’s presentation is loud, festive, and filled with life. The game’s exciting feel, amazing scenery, and penchant for churning out unadulterated joy make...

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It's Forza but it's not 0

The Forza Mortorsport series is best known as a simulation style racer, and it has been since it's first appearance in '05 on the original xbox and it had 4 very good iterations sticking to the simulation formula.Forza Horizon however should not been seen as a sequel to the franchise, it is in many ways it feels like it's own game not derived from Forza, but a collection of the best parts of other racing games. Forza Horizon takes the festival and atmosphere from Dirt 2 which helps remove it as ...

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Doesn't do the Forza name justice 3

Where do I start? umm... The arcadey feel of this racer is 100% proof positive that it is NOT a Forza game. It's more like Need For Speed XVVII at this point, with a garish color scheme designed for bros who wouldn't know a Jaguar XJ from an Aston Martin or a Porsche 914 from a Triumph (or more likely, "old crap" in their words.) The single player NEEDS to have the option to change cars without fast traveling twenty minutes from the race I was checking to see whether or not my car would be adequ...

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Easy Achievements, decent rental 0

The problem with the game is not it trying to be something that it is not. The problem is what it is, and what it tries to be.From the get-go, you are starting off going up against black stereotype #2. Then you go against the nerd. Then the Arab prince. Then the valley girl.You drive around in a desolate wasteland, completely barred from anything fun happening as your surroundings can't be reached. You can have fun by running into speed signs and then drift to earn Kudos, err, Microsoft Points? ...

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