Why is the Music so Awful?

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I couldn't get through the demo, for a couple of reasons.  The main factor though, was the crappy ochestral music that's a trademark of Lucas Art's games.  Someone should let that company know that games have come a long way since the days of NES, so they should stop using music that sounds like it was written in that era.  I'd rather play a game with 80's graphics and good music (mega man 9, yes please) than play a game with good graphics and 80's music, personally.

Anybody else notice how out-of-place the music was in this game, or was it just me?

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#2 Posted by Jedted (2876 posts) -

I thought the music sounded fine but i geuss it's personal taste.  You say the music sucks in all LucasArts games but that's your opinion.

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yeah....the music didnt bother me. But I played the Force Unleashed demo right before and, unfortunately, the music sounded too much alike for my tastes. Lucasarts does need to mix it up i think. Other than that, the game looks alright. I really liked the character movement, entrencher, weapons..all that stuff.

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