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    Fred Neuman

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    Fred Neuman is a private investigator who literally loses his head over a big case. The main character in the game Dead Head Fred.

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    Fred Neuman is a private detective in the fictional town of Hope Falls, New Jersey. Upon beginning an investigation into the practices of the town's corporate giant Pitt Industries, Fred comes across very large plans for the takeover, exploitation, and eventual destruction of Hope Falls. His operation is discovered, and Ulysses S. Pitt, owner of Pitt Industries, orders him killed. He is resurrected by a crazed doctor named Doctor Steiner. Upon learning that his head has been replaced with a jar, two eyeballs and a brain, Fred sets out to regain the memories he lost, and finish what he started.

    Fred doesn't have many friends besides his alcoholic partner Benny Salazar, and his girlfriend, Jeanne Rossini. He does have many contacts throughout the underworld, and he often carries out acts of sabotage and espionage in order to squeeze them for information.

    One of Fred's largest characteristics is his sense of humor. He always has something witty to say, during any situation. His biting sarcasm doesn't seem to intimidate most people, but it does anger many of his enemies. Key plot points are often revealed through Fred's unrelenting insults. Fred also sports the ability to switch out his heads, replacing them with a Scarecrow head, a Zombie head, and a giant stone Statue head, among others. In total, Fred has 9 different heads that all give him different abilities. Fred can even place other people's heads on himself- he often does it to access memories or learn secret information that he couldn't extract from the person while they were alive.

    Fred is voiced by Scrubs star, John C. McGinley

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