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@devise22 said:

@superfriend said:

Too bad nobody will buy this and Insomniac will probably crash and burn because of this shit.

I freaking love their Ratchet and Clank games and it´s heartbreaking to see what they are turning their company into. First those shitty outsourced Ratchet and Clank wannabe games and now this. Fuck. Looks like we´ll lose another one of the great studios.

I can´t even be bothered to download the demo. It´s just sad.

So how do you know it's shit? Reviews aren't even in for the game yet. Some people played the demo and liked it some played it and didn't. Sounds like pretty much ANY game that is released with a demo too me.

I'll wait till I see sales, word of mouth/review scores, and until I've played it to see if it's actually shit or not. Just saying. The demo itself though was interesting. Short. That is my biggest issue is that it is really hard for me to get a sense if the story which I think is crucial for a game like this to pay off in just a demo. Some of the spunk and fire was in the dialogue but if the story falls flat, even if the gun play and mechanics are relatively interesting if not that fresh then I could see the game getting reviewed a little harshly.

Well, I´m sure it´ll play okay, but I don´t like the personality or lack thereof this game has. If it gets awesome review scores I might check it out, but let´s be honest here: This game looks hella generic. I´m not sure it will survive in this bad video game market we have these days. Let´s just hope they have sane expectations for this thing sales wise. There´s no way this will sell a couple million units.

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Insomnic should have stayed with sony. I know Resistance 3 sold poorly, but a next gen one would have done alright, and I bet Sony always helped them out with funding since it's their IP.
I am almost positive we will see a new Sony exclusive after this game.

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