Looking for horde mode buddies (casual or normal at first)

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Hello Giantbomb Community,

My girlfriend and I have been playing a bit of horde mode lately, but have become increasingly frustrated with public games falling out before we even hit wave twenty. We simply don't have enough friends that play Gears that want to commit to a horde mode run, so we ask for your help: I'm a core gamer that bought a 360 late last year for the purpose of playing this game, my girlfriend is a new gamer that is still learning the ropes, and we're looking to get three more people together tonight to play some horde mode. We're very friendly couple looking to blow of some work-week steam by killing some locusts and (hopefully) championing sandbar, docks, or a recommended map. If you're interested message me on XBL. My gamer tag is baladec. I hope to hear from people.

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I know what you mean about Public games: I gave up on those a while ago and I usually play in private games now. So, I'd be very happy to join the two of you in a Horde game. Add me on Live: I'm davidinwrofy

If you're in a Private Game when I come online, I will join if there are still spaces.

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