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Gaints: Citizen Kabuto is a Fantastic Hybrid game-

Giants: Citizen Kabuto(Henceforth Referred to as GCK) is a hybrid game that merges elements of Open World and Third Person Shooter Games With Real Time Stratagy games to create a game experience that you will never be able to experience again.

GCK follows the story of three races,

  1. The Meccryn- These are the a group of British Space Marines who rely on weaponry and Cool Jetpacks.
  2. The Sea Reapers - These Mystical Beings use Powerful Magics to There advantage.
  3. Kabuto- Kabuto is basically a Godzilla Sized Monster who goes around Eating People.
The Basic Gameplay of the game sets you as one of these three factions with a goal usually to destroy something or reach an objective, but the game is freeform  in how you get there for Example, The Mecc could Fly in using their Jectpacks or use sniper rifles to Take out all the enemies, alteratively the Sea Reapers could destroy the structure by a sea attack.

The Game Is structured into three campaigns that follow a humorous and ridiculous plotline with extremely funny and well writtern Dialogue.
The Game Also Features a multiplayer mode that allows players to joina server and choose one of the Three factions and fight over a dynamically generated gameworld.
The Music of GCK has a very alien Feel to it that helps you feel that the game is set in an alien world, the graphics also work to this effect with the result being that the game looks very distinct.

To Top it all off GCK has a fantastic combat system that allows you to approach combat in a variety of ways, this is simply one of the many great reasons you should play GCK as it was a fantastic Title that you will almost certainly have missed out on.

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