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First Dating Sim- I need to go back to JPN

You know, pretty much everything is covered in that solid and extensive review left before. I came across this in the recent steam sale as it was $4 and seemed so out there that I had to see it. But, this game gets five stars in that it reminded me so much of when I clumsily poked around Tokyo by myself last year. It brought back good memories, and actually gave me some ideas of where I want to go when I go back.

Something that was great is that you can click a button that directly takes you to Google Maps, where you can look around wherever the current scene is taking place. That led to rabbit holes of me going through tons of stuff on there.

As for the Waifu stuff? Hate to admit I liked it as much as I did. The ending I got was pretty satisfying, and the other one is pretty melancholy.

I think this is pretty underrated and soft enough that it doesn't make you feel TOO weird for enjoying it.

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