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    Goemon Ishikawa

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    A legendary thief of the Sengoku era that has been featured in games such as the Samurai Warriors series.

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    Goemon Ishikawa was a famous thief that lived during Japan's Sengoku era.  It is theorized that he was a trained ninja, as well.  Caught attempting to steal from the residence of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, he was executed by being boiled alive.  Goemon subsequently became a prominent figure in Japanese folklore and popular culture.  The Goemon of the Mystical Ninja series was inspired by him, and the Goemon Ishikawa of Lupin the 3rd is said to be his descendant.

    Samurai Warriors

    Goemon appears in the video game Samurai Warriors as a playable character.  Depicted as a loud, brash oaf with a theatrical demeanor, he is a noble individual despite his thieving ways.  He also has a soft-spot for Okuni, a dancing shrine maiden.
    Despite his good nature, Goemon's tendency to shout and cause scenes tends to get him in trouble.  When playing as Kunoichi for example, she encounters Goemon, who greets her in his typically enthusiastic manner.  To avoid being detected by guards, Kunoichi must defeat Goemon quickly in order to silence him.
    In the second-to-last stage of Goemon's own story mode, if he uses his canon at all while fending off Hanzo Hattori, he will awaken Hideyoshi and be arrested, leading to the final stage of his story.  In the final stage, Goemon escapes his bonds and avoids execution.  He then fights to reclaim the treasures Hideyoshi took from him after his arrest.


    Goemon wields a spiked mace that can turn into a flail. He is also one of the few characters in the original Samurai Warriors that does not use a bow as his ranged weapon.  Instead, he wears a cannon strapped to his back that he can fire at his opponents.

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