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A Good Ol' Classic, Made New and Exciting 8

You know, I, as an avid fan of Final Fantasy IV, had picked up Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (the sequel), and found it a treat. Recommending it to my friend, someone who hasn't played IV, proved to be a waste of time, as The After Years turned out to be a treat (a very unoriginal treat at that) to Final Fantasy IV fans. Now, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is set 30 years after the events of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, but by no means is ...

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The Graphical Showpiece For The Nintendo DS 0

Camelot Software Planning’s role-playing roots stretch back to games like Shining Force, and their Golden Sun series carries that tradition forward.  Beginning life on the GameBoy Advance in 2001 and followed by a direct sequel in 2003, the series has had a 7 year hiatus.  It makes the transition to the Nintendo DS in the platform’s last remaining months, amidst a fairly crowded line-up of similar games.  Can its reputation for strong graphics and smart puzzle design outshine the competiti...

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Quality Old School Fun. 0

Turn based JRPGs are a little thin on the ground now days. Not an utterly unreasonable thing, after all  for all things there is a time, and some of the newer real time JRPGs have been pretty good. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn though, mmmmm, yeah baby, that brings it.  Dialling down the perv factor a bit , this game is good. Its basic mechanics are at least 15 years old, it characters and setting archetypes much more so. Does it feel stale, over done, used? Nope, not a bit of it. It is probably the bes...

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