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Golemech is a boss from Star Fox 64 that appears on the easy version of Venom. This robotic statue will constantly be on the run through a narrow corridor. It will punch the walls and create pillars that shoot from floor to ceiling and wall to wall in order to set up obstructions for the player to crash into. At certain parts of the corridor there will also be collapsing stone columns and statues with moving arms. While all this is going on, the player must chip away every part of Golemech's armor. This includes the legs, the arms, the torso, the shoulders, its head, and its rear end. Once that's accomplished a soft spot in its chest will glow red and a few more shots will finish it off. Defeating the Golemech will lead to the final boss, Andross.
The Nintendo player's guide only offers speculation regarding Golemech's history. It's ether a weapon Andross put together, or it once belonged to a long lost tribe that inhabited Venom long ago.

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