Is the DLC ruining this game?

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One major issue in the game is that with all of the bonus content added it becomes impossible to have everything unlocked at level one hundred. You will be missing weapons, attachments, voices, gadgets, support items, fun facts, etc. That means basically you will be missing significant parts of everything except for aesthetic choices.

The newest announced paid DLC includes a new gadget and a new support item then also gives you a fun fact that’s sole purpose is immunity to the gadget and item.

The katana from the previous (free) DLC can be used to attain an almost game breaking endurance and in the priced DLC they introduce a support item (the conch) which can be used to turn the tables on katana users and is able to negate gadgets

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No, I do not think that DLC is ruining the game. Yeah, the conch shell is really annoying when it's used against you, but it's an extremely close range weapon. The only time I've seen it used effectively was a roller skate user who had the sword and the room sweeper shotgun. It's easy enough to blow him away before he gets close, unless he sneaks up on you. It's a clever use of available weaponry, but not overpowering or unbalancing. Same with the sword. Originally, I was intensely annoyed by the sword, especially when used by Mighties in body armor, usually with someone behind them using the motivator. Solution: get better with the hatchet. It's still a one hit kill and all their blocking and turtling does absolutely nothing.

It's all about balance and I think Monolith has kept that in mind. Yeah, when the items are new it's difficult since everyone is spamming them and you have to think up, in game, a strategy to negate their use, but once you've tumbled to the tricks, they become just another gadget that when you see them at play, you know how to counter.

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I haven't played since the most recent DLC dropped and am looking forward to the fixes to matchmaking since it was pretty awful on the PC. The ninja sword guys on skates were pretty annoying at first and continue to be if they get you from behind. A shotgun or a various other weapon burst to the head region does tend to stop that BS pretty quick if you see them coming.

Dumb question: Why do I still have blue, reduced damage numbers on body-armored enemies when I am using penetrator ammo? Is that from the fun fact that reduces damage?

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Nope, game still seems balanced enough to me. New DLC they just announced is a new map, new mode & languages added to character voices.

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@MrSlapHappy: Yeppers. If they have that fun fact, the ammo you use won't do anything. I've run across a lot of mighties who take that fact, use body armor, and then try to use the sword as a blocker. Gotta have someone proficient with the hatchet to take them down quick, but I've found that if you put that thing upside their head a couple of times, the urge to turtle up goes away.

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