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Ever since 2001,when GTA III came out,the whole TPS franchise was changed.Never before was the sandbox element better implemented in a game then in GTA III.And after Vice City,the bar was raised even higher.The question was : "Can San Andreas raise to the expectations?".The answer: "Fo sho!",as CJ would say.The story is set in 1992 this time,and for the first time,the story was set not in one city,but in three : Los Santos - L.A. ; San Fierro - San Francisco  and Las Venturas - Las Vegas, as well as the countryside between.Your set in the role of Carl Johnson,who ran away from his home in Ganton,after his mother got killed in a drive-by,in which his brother,Sweet,was the real target.The campaign is fairly long,and lasts about 8 hours.But that was makes GTA so GTA isn't just the great story,but also the package in which it comes.From the audio,and the voice acting to the amount space to explore,everything is done,really,really well.To put it simply,GTA : San Andreas is one of the games of the year,and one of the best TPS of all time.

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    Frankly, GTA: San Andreas is the game which got me interested in the franchise. Extremely well-written, expansive, innovative and incredibly fun. CJ is one of the strongest characters Rockstar has ever developed, along with the rest of the character list. The voice acting is incredibly well-done, the music selection is (or was) second only to GTA: Vice City in my opinion. The variety of things you can do in this game is arguably second-to-none in the entire franchise, which helps Rockstar in its...

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