Anyone done the third Triathlon?

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The race wasn't nearly as bad as the awful epslion quests which felt like they were purposely messing with you. I didnt mind this race really, the only part i didnt like was the swimming. The biking part of it, which was teh bulk of the race, i rather enjoyed actually.

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#52 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1422 posts) -

@clonedzero: Yea... as soon as I was told to walk 10miles in the desert, and seeing that it's a SMALL area relative to 10miles and going out of it resets your distance... how fuckin' dumb is that :( Judging by how fast I was able to make it running .7 miles I think that's easily a 30min or longer deal... real shitty :(

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#53 Posted by Nodima (1973 posts) -

Just finished it with Franklin as a time waster before GTA Online (yea right) my whole right hand is either loose, tight or numb as hell! Got 27:32:227 and I took a shortcut on one tight turn on the beach that had me hit a pole and fall to 6th place, then I went up the right side of the hill instead of the left while running and had to double back to hit a checkpoint, and then I hit the news chopper camera for the finish line and accidentally turned around when the camera switched, so the crazy part is...

I got 4th in the GBPS3 crew, and I want 1st. So I might try again some other time.

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#54 Posted by OldGuy (1669 posts) -

Ran it as Michael after I got 100 stamina and it was fun. I got sniped out of the bike I was trying to get on and I then wiped 4 times on the bike trying to cut corners and shorten the distance to the leader (I won the swimming leg) and then crushed everyone on the run.

So I've got a much better time in me and I might do it again as Franklin.

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#55 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

I paused this fucking race and walked away numerous times. One of those rare times I wish I had a turbo controller.

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#56 Posted by Demoskinos (17326 posts) -

Hi guys, I just literally tapped "X" for 30 minutes and then game glitched out and had no choice but to reload my last save. Yay, all progress lost! Try again. Get to the beach on the bikes about 20 minutes in over pedestrians by accident and fail mission again. FUCK EVERYTHING. Last thing I need for 100%

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Also I accidentally quit 23 minutes into my first try. I was in 2nd place but the guy in first place was so comically far ahead of me there was no way I was ever catching him. I had maxed out stamina too.

Fuck triathalons.

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#58 Posted by cactus77 (3 posts) -

Just started the running section and had to take break, my hand and wrist are ACHING. Nearly 23 minutes so far and that cycling section was extremely long, went from day to night.

Really hoping I'm going to get back to first from third in this final section, wish me luck.

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I finished it yesterday, loved it! Yes, it's super long but I loved the challenge. Triathlons are basically my favourite diversion in the game

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I did it with Michael and I was in the lead until the second to last checkpoint before the finish.

I ran through it and it didn't register, didn't realize till I crossed the finish line and nothing happened.

Reloaded to last check point and went on to finish 5/6.

I don't think I have it in me to try again.

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I loved these, but the rubberbanding/lack of feedback as you mash the A button didn't help things. I was getting passed by people in the exact same spots the two times I did it (once as Michael, the other as Franklin). I was actually pretty irritated they didn't have any challenges like this in GTAO.

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#62 Edited by Sooty (8193 posts) -

It's amazing the tedious bullshit people do in Rockstar games but criticise any other developer for.

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#64 Posted by Ryzon (26 posts) -

The scenery was nice though, especially when on the bike. Though I fell off twice, really annoyed me but luckily come the running part, its easy.

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