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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Game » consists of 21 releases. Released Sep 17, 2013

    Rockstar returns to the fictional state of San Andreas with a crew of three criminal protagonists who work together to pull off a series of high-profile heists.

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    "ONE. LAST. JOB!" 3

    There are only a few months left before a whole new generation of consoles are released, and Rockstar has come to take this generation out with a bang; and that bang is called Grand Theft Auto V.The name itself shakes the gaming industry to its core. We all have our memories with the series. Assassinating a Chinese Mafia head by planting a bomb in his car with 8 Ball, driving around the beautiful islands in Vance’s white sports car, taking over turfs with Sweet, or bowling with Brucie. We’ve don...

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    A Fun but Flawed Game, Plagued By an Identity Crisis 1

    Grand Theft Auto V is the rare game that never quite succeeds in any one aspect, but still uses it’s disparate parts to add up to an interesting – if flawed – whole. A confused, haphazard narrative and mechanics that feel somewhat outdated mar what is otherwise probably the most refined ‘sandbox’ game to date, one that fully embraces that description. The most discussed change in this installment is the addition of multiple player characters: Michael, a washed up o...

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    Welcome to Sunny San Andreas 0

    Considering the absurdly widespread popularity of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games have to be commended for not falling into the standard pattern of sequelisation that many other developers working with extremely profitable games have. When Rockstar want to make a GTA game, they don’t just spit out a slightly more advanced version of something from the year before, they sit down and work on what they want to make for as long as it takes, and at the end produce a game that feels like a rich and f...

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    Let's face it: You have already bought this game 0

    Open-world crime games have come a long way since the bird’s-eye view carjacking escapades of DMA Design’s 1997 cult hit Grand Theft Auto. Titles like Saint’s Row and Sleeping Dogs have bolstered our expectations of the once-novel genre and we expect bigger, better versions of our preferred franchises with each installment. It had been five long years for fans since Rockstar blew everyone away with Grand Theft Auto IV and now that the newest incarnation is here, I can’t help but wonder if five y...

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    Slaping Hos and Wasting Fools 0

    Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun.Violence can be fun....

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    GTA V is an amazing heist game held hostage by its heritage and fans. 0

    Rockstar has given players everything they want in a Grand Theft Auto game - which is why this installment might have been exceptional if it hadn't been limited to self-imposed series expectations.Grand Theft Auto V is a natural progression from the diamonds plot device of GTA IV, in which the stories of three protagonists over the course of the main game and DLC intersect. GTA V takes this plot device and expands it into the focal feature of the game: the ability to (nearly) instantaneously swi...

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    Still A Great Open World Experience 0

    Rockstar is a company known for their creativity and independence. They’re not only independant in the sense that their publisher for the most part walks by the office only to slip a cash envelope under the door without interrupting the creative process, but they work independently from the industry as a whole. For the longest time this set Grand Theft Auto apart from the rest of the market. Fiercely original and uncompromising in it’s vision. While the Housers were once again able to achieve a...

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    Grand Theft Auto 5. A gamerz review. 0

    Pros: Fun characters. The huge attention to detail. The world itself. It's the little things the game does that makes it so good. Walking around, you get a sense that stuff is going down, that npc's are living their lives and your just part of the world. It's funny to hear people as they are talking on their cell phones. Some talk about their dick boyfriends,while others (mostly dudes) talk about their latest female conquest. I loved the fact that they brought vehicle customization back (I miss...

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    There's no doubt GTA 5 is a beast and excels in nearly every way. But there are some issues along the way.. 0

    Let me first start out by saying that GTA 5 is without doubt, the best game I've played in years. But I'm not going to talk about what's right,other people have pretty much nailed it. Instead I'm going to talk about what annoys me about the game, and why it hasn't fully learned from GTA 4.First off, the cops. This time around they mean business and even seeing one star can result in high speed chases and gun battles. In fact the cops are so efficient, it's almost pointless taking them on. Even ...

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    The West Coast is the Best Coast 0

    Five long years have passed since the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, and numerous open-world games have been released during that time. Not all of these games were amazing, but specific games like Sleeping Dogs changed the way that open-world games are played. With the release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games set out to prove that they are still the kings of the open-world genre, introducing a three-protagonist system and incorporating the random events of Red Dead Redemption.GTA V follows...

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    Wake up, The West Coast is back! 0

    Ever since the release of San Andreas that was set in the early 90s. But now, its entering the 21st century with a grand new models and new atmosphere.Grand Theft Auto V was an amazing game for this year. the soundtrack was awesome in which it brings back the good old songs together.GTA V gameplay allows you to do something you couldnt do back in the past generations. such as avoding cops by hiding in the bush rather than escaping by car chase. GTA V made all the gamers including me happy and I ...

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    Lie, Cheat, Steal 0

    With a name like "Grand Theft Auto 5", how could you possibly live up to the expectations that the name brings? But if anyone could pull it off, it’s Rockstar. So did they? Well yes…for the most part. GTA 5 returns us to the sunny coasts, lush woods, and blazing deserts of the imaginary state of San Andreas. Only this time it’s present day and not the early 90’s. Also this time, players take control of three protagonists as opposed to the usual one: Michael, the ex-bank ...

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    GTA is back and in my opinion, better than ever. 0

    The RadWell told story.Lots of stuff to do.Looks great, sounds great.The BadIsn’t as funny as it probably thinks it is.Mission waypoint issues. I’ve gotta admit, I wasn’t particularly sure about it.I mean I liked GTA IV but it wasn’t without issues.And I feel like Saints Row was scratching the open world, crime game itch just fine, at least until it went delightfully insane and became something else entirely.GTA V isn’t something else entirely.It feels like it was largely built upon the ideas p...

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    GTA V online issues* 0

    I love GTA V online and the campaign! The campaign is flawless i love it but the online is good but needs a bit of thinking time and a hell of a lot of coffee the dunce pool is good but needs to be implemented in a better format for instance you are in a legitimate fight with another player you blow up their car and kill said player and you get a bad sport message appear THIS IS FUCKING GTA V NOT HELLO KITTY ADVENTURE ISLAND that does annoy me a metric shit tonso the dunce pool system should b...

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    My Grand Theft Auto V Review 0

    The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the biggest in video games and Rockstar proves that a franchise doesn’t need to saturate the market by having a new game release every year. It has been five years sense Grand Theft Auto IV and although Rockstar has made other games in that time, the world of GTAV alone feels like they have been working on this game that whole time. As of GTA IV, Rockstar went for more of a series tone with the franchise and it didn’t fit well with all the anarchy that play...

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    This really is the best game I have ever played! 0

    Yes! This is now my favorite game of all time! Note that before playing this my all-time favorite was GTA San Andreas so there's some bias when it comes to me and the Grand Theft Auto series.This game is absolutely incredible. It does everything so good, including the little details.The driving was revamped. I would describe it's feel as a combination of GTA San Andreas' driving and GTA IV's driving. You can get so much speed and steel feel and be in control of your car without it looking oddly ...

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    Simply put, the best Grand Theft Auto game to date. 0

    I’m not a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, I’ll admit. I always found it too focused on expanding the open sandbox elements when clearly they’re trying to create memorable stories. While none of the games are necessarily bad, they suffer greatly with both the lack of true narrative focus and a dissonance between redemptive characters and the player’s lust for destruction. Well, leave it to the fifth main entry to finally bring a balance. Grand Theft Auto V is everything great about the se...

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    GTA is Back 0

    Grand Theft Auto III was a transformative game for me. I was obviously too young to play it, my parents knew that, but I was able to obtain a copy and play it in its entirety none the less. I really do believe that the experience of playing that game turned me into the game enthusiast that I am today. That’s the baggage any game carrying the name Grand Theft Auto carries with it: equal parts hype and dread. I’m happy to say GTA V lives up to it’s name entirely. It expands on what you want it to,...

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    Failed to learn from previous mistakes. 0

    There is no doubt this game is superb. With a great story, characters, graphics, weapons, cars, things to do etc, it's a marvel. But it does has one major issue, an issue which has driven me mad. The police.The po-leese are a major part of the game. You will encounter them during missions, find resistance when driving off mission and they even appear in multiplayer. The problem is that the police, are just too good. People praised GTA 5 for making the police not know where you are instantly, whi...

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    Grand Theft Auto V Review 0

    In a modern day of games that are made in a hurry in an attempt to squeeze as much money out of a franchise, this is a pure example of a game that was created, nurtured and as a result enjoyed tremendously when released. Games like this don't come around all too often, the opportunities and activities offered by this game are as close to endless as you'll get in an open world game nowadays. it's one of the only games where you can really do anything you want to. Driving cars, flying aircrafts, ...

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    Grand Theft Auto V is the best the series has ever been, and that’s a compliment that speaks volumes. 0

    Let’s be honest here, an entry in the Grand Theft Auto series needs no introduction. In fact, Rockstar could very well get away with simply announcing a new title and leaving the marketing down to its fans passing word of mouth. It’s a series that has worked hard to staple itself into the history of video games to become so gigantic that each new entry activates a switch within millions of fans, turning them into frenzied beings as they grasp air for the tiniest bit of news about the game before...

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    Grand Theft Auto V 0

    I've just got Grand Theft Auto v and what can I say, what a game! I'm not joking its got to be the best GTA game out. The way the game is set out, its just amazing! The controls are really easy, the driving is good in it and the most important one is the missions are quality on it. I just did a mission when I had to rob a jewellery store and you had to escape on bikes and go down the sewers it felt like the Italian Job. Its Brilliant and I really can't wait for when the online comes out on it! W...

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    Immersive 0

    I have owned GTA V for four years now and I still haven´t been able to fully cover the whole map. The game itself is immersive, the developers did amazing job with map creation, story line, characters, etc. There is something to do every time you log in. I once played the game for eight hours in one sitting. The player is free to do anything he desires, what makes GTA V so great is its players who devote their time in implementing their ideas into the game via mods. Another great feature ...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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