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Gianbomb Community 2013 Game of the Year

Forum thread is here.
If you would like to see the full list results, refer to this google doc.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Giantbomb Community GotY for 2013, we had a pretty big turnout this time around.

The game's people liked this year tended to be much more spread out, with much less consensus on what games to include on their lists and what place on their list they should be.

The scores underneath each game's description show the percentage distribution of scores. IE in the first spot is percentage of people who scored it #1, so on and so forth.

List items

  • Bioshock Infinite is the Giantbomb Community's 2013 GotY!

    Bringing with it not a complete lack of controversy, it nevertheless demonstrated phenomenal world building and story telling.

    25% 20% 12% 12% 7% 5% 4% 4% 3% 3%

  • The Last of Us comes in at second. A narrative story told exceptionally well with character interaction that feels real and compelling. It's funny how the top two games this year are about a man protecting a younger girl companion at his side.

    42% 21% 10% 8% 4% 3% 2% 1% 3% 1%

  • Considering that GTAV is one of the top 20 best selling games of all time, it should be no real surprise it would take a spot on this year's GotY list. A tremendous amount of content and attention to detail places it firmly in 3rd.

    12% 13% 16% 17% 8% 7% 8% 6% 3% 5%

  • Tomb Raider successfully manages to revisit Lara Croft in a more modern context, bringing a mature and well-realized vision of Lara and her world than can be said existed prior.

    7% 10% 13% 10% 9% 12% 8% 10% 10% 4%

  • What?! An indie game? Some total unknown whatsit? 5th place what are we mad?

    No, it's true. Gone Home managed to impress and impact in its little time spent with the gamer than many other games have managed in the course of tens of hours.

    10% 13% 15% 9% 10% 8% 8% 9% 7% 8%

  • The Saints Row humor still charms, and while for many the new installment was too much of a retread of Saints Row the Third, for others that was exactly what was needed.

    4% 14% 8% 10% 19% 9% 9% 10% 8% 4%

  • There are very few games that mean so much to a person's nostalgia than the Legend of Zelda series, and when the game released successfully appeals to that emotion it's a tremendous success.

    When that game is good even on its own rights? Well, that's when you know you have something really special.

    16% 14% 13% 18% 12% 4% 8% 6% 2% 3%

  • If you thought after Assassin's Creed III that the AC series was in murky waters, you would have found few who would disagree. Ubisoft has managed to completely dispel that fear with the release of Black Flag and brought a renewed interest to a series and sailed it into fresh waters.

    8% 12% 11% 15% 15% 10% 10% 6% 3% 5%

  • Fire Emblem appeals to an uncommon itch and it's no surprise that with the release of a new game its fans get excited.

    It is a surprise when people other than the fans are excited, and in the case of Awakening, the Fire Emblem team managed to make a game that is strategic, personal and dramatic on all fronts.

    12% 15% 16% 14% 6% 8% 12% 5% 2% 4%

  • Brad was right.

    4% 7% 11% 5% 15% 11% 10% 12% 9% 11%