I'm Done...until any major DLC

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Shockingly enough I finished this GTA very quickly. Played about 35 to 40 hours, finished the game story, and cleaned up some post game story missions. I then hit multiplayer and had a bit of fun.

But, now I'm just done. The multiplayer is really oddly set up, getting groups together is not fun or easy with my set of friends online. I'm really not all teh interested in racing or poorly designed TPS with my friends, so the game is pretty much done for me.

As I wait for the DLC, I even find myself contemplating that the story & tone of GTA V was just very poor and uninviting, and further reflection does not improve that opinion. I'll play the DLC and will give it a fair shake, but I honest feel GTA needs to be thrown on the pyre of games this year that were supposed to be good but were narrative barren and full insulting themes/ideas.

My take away form GTA V and games in general this year is the following: Developers, your stories are STATEMENTS of a world view. When you pen a game story; back it up with millions of dollars of video, audio, and music; then you are make a very big statement. Your stories need to be written with care, by which I mean 'say what you mean'...you can say anything...but 'say what you mean' by owning it when people question you about it.

I will give RockStar points for probably meaning everything their game implies or says outright...they're assholes in that case...but they'd probably own it [slow clap].

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@monkeyking1969: I've reached a similar point last night when playing Online. The night before I had finally grinded away to getting one of those 10 car garage apartments. The next day I logged in and felt this tremendous exertion. Like I want to do the missions, but getting groups together it even into the missions at all is just so clumsy. I felt like I'm finally done, I don't have the energy to rack up more money or fight with the game systems to eke out doses of fun in midst of frustration. They've been announcing the stimulus package for the past two weeks now and still nothing. I get that it's a gigantic free component to the already hefty single player experience but they really should have held it back longer cause it's just not ready.

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Opinions be opinions. My GOTY personally. Taking a little bit off from online so I can play Tales of Xillia but I'll be back after I finish Xillia. At this point I've sunk 200+ hours into GTA V there shall be more fun to be had in the future. One of my favorite games of the generation at that.

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I want to love GTA Online, but with the seemingly infinite amount of issues it has and the fact that my buddies are never on to play, that's pretty difficult.

I'll go back when they get their shit together or when they release some story DLC.

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I haven't even completed the campaign yet and I probably won't for a while. Origins is draining my time away now and I might get to it afterwards. I tried to like GTA Online but there's no incentive for me to stick around, especially as such a low level.

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I don't get your meaning. It doesn't help that you don't clarify what's insulting to you exactly. What statement does Rockstar supposedly make with GTA V? What offends you about it? What's so bad or disappointing about its narrative? Elaborate.

On my end, GTA V has been all that I hoped for and more, even if GTA Online is setup awkwardly, and is lousy with bugs, and hampered by bad matchmaking. GTA V as a whole is best descibed with superlatives. The biggest, most alive, most interactive, most diverse, most believable, most mechanically rich and accomplished gameworld in videogames to date. So really, I don't get your complaints.

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Thanks for sharing.

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