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    The Grim Engine is the successor to the SCUMM engine for adventure games developed by LucasArts.

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    The GrimE Engine was developed for LucasArts by Bret Mogilefsky using Lua. The name of the engine is a reference to the game it was developed for: Grim Fandango.

    The GrimE engine is similar to the SCUMM engine in that characters and objects interact on a pre-rendered background. The primary difference is that while SCUMM is a 2D engine, GrimE uses true 3D movement and interaction on a 3D pre-rendered background.

    In the same way that fans updated the SCUMM engine to work on an extensive list of modern platforms with SCUMMvm, fans are currently working on a similar project for GrimE, with a focus on getting Grim Fandango running at higher resolutions and on newer operating systems. The project is called ResidualVM.


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