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Like this but with legs
Like this but with legs

The gunker is an enemy in Gears of War 3 serving on the lambent side of the three-way conflict. It uses its large deformed arm to hurl large explosive balls of imulsion at you and it has a considerable amount of range, much akin to a mortar, but organic with legs. The gunker also has a cleaver tipped tentacle it uses to instantly down anything with in its small reach. The gunker forces players to mix up their strategy by forcing them to constantly move with its powerful imulsion mortar and its cover bypassing tentacle.

The gunker is a hulking imulsion filled monster that explodes upon death getting brighter and brighter before finally detonating. There are many glowing weak points among the gunker's fleshy exterior. It takes 3-4 lancer clips to one down, not counting the weak points (on Insane it's even more). The gunker appears in campaign and as a boss in horde mode.

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