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    The Lambent are Immulsion-infected Locusts that glow and grow tentacles. They begin to attack the regular Locusts and explode after being killed. The Lambent are instinct-driven and only care about one thing: killing all other life forms.

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    The Lambent are infected versions of the different types of Locust horde. They first appear in the original Gears of War but at the time were only Wretches which would explode when killed. In Gears of War 2, they were a whole different faction. The Lambent and the Locusts engage each other while Delta Squad head for the queen’s palace. The Locust Queen reveals her plan to sink Jacinto and flood the Hallow to prevent the Lambent from taking over their home. After commandeering a Brumak, Marcus and Dom steer it into a pool of Immulsion, causing it to turn Lambent. The Lambent Brumak begins to grow multiple tentacles and heads. It is killed by Marcus and explodes with enough force to sink Jacinto.

    The lambent have returned in Gears of War 3 and are a major threat in that game. It was first believed that only locust was affected by the Lambent virus, but it eventually spread to humans as well.


    There are many different kinds of lambent Locust. Several new forms are introduced in Gears of War 3.

    Lambent Drone

    A normal Locust drone turned lambent.

    Lambent Wretch

    A wretch turned lambent. They explode after death.


    Small spider-like creatures that scurry around quickly and are deadly in groups.


    A mutated Drudge
    A mutated Drudge

    A tough lambent creature that can mutate into different forms when close to death. It may sprout several large arms that shoot balls of imulsion or one singular arm.


    An enormous behemoth with a ton of health that shoots giant balls of imulsion powerful enough to incapacitate a player instantly. They also have a large arm that they swipe at players who get too close.

    Lambent Zerker

    A lambent Berserker that is powerful enough to be considered a boss fight. The Lambent Zerker has the same charge ability that a regular Berserker has, but they also leave deadly trails of imulsion behind them.


    Lambent Stalks have a similar function to emergence holes. They are enormous sprouting tree-like objects that shoot out of the ground and spawn lambent enemies. The spawning can be stopped by shooting the pods on the side of the stalk.


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