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Gunpoint Review 0

Gunpoint Review It’s great when a plan comes together. But as it so it often goes, the best laid plans of mice and men go awry. In my recent playthrough of Tom Francis’ Gunpoint, my study into the art of stealth and infiltration was impeccable. Unfortunately, my execution was not.Gunpoint, released by Tom Francis for PC, Mac and Linux back in 2013, is a stealth puzzle platformer in which you are tasked with retrieving various items from within the confines of often heavily guarded an...

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Indie Action-Puzzle-Platforming Done Right 0

Gunpoint is what I would call an action-puzzler. Normally, all you would have to is tell me a game is an "indie action-puzzle-platformer" for me to roll my eyes and to say "What, another one?" But Gunpoint is an amazingly fun game, enough so that I have played the game through twice to see all the story beats. The story itself is pretty amusing, told through text messages between the main character, Conway the freelance spy, and his clients. The puzzle element comes in the form of Conway's gade...

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Short and sweet. 0

The RadCool retro visuals.Rad, smooth jazz soundtrackChallenging puzzles.Funny writingThe BadUhm…. Uhhh…. It’s a little short, I guess?Gunpoint is a stealth puzzler that puts you in the high-tech trenchcoat of a spy tasked with infiltrating various buildings and stealing various files in a wittily written, noir-esque tale.I like stealth games! I totally SUCK at puzzle games.And Gunpoint is probably more the latter than the former.That being said whilst I found a lot of the levels rather challen...

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Window Smashing Indie Spy Romp 0

A great little game, picked up for £6.99 on Steam - effectively a cool puzzle game that let's you play a bad ass spy. An amusing story-line keeps you going between short missions. Plenty of replay-ability where you can improve your mission times and the skill with which you complete them....

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