• halliday_uk wrote a review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
    Similar to the last one

    ​I really loved the original Deus Ex, and its modern reboot. The 'choice' elements along with a great approach to stealth / action / exploration are what has kept me interested. This game has all of t...

  • halliday_uk wrote a review of Firewatch.
    An adventure which grips for a short time

    I really like Firewatch. It's a different sort of game, closer to an 'experience'. There is not a huge amount which can be said without spoiling it, but essentially it is set in a national park in th...

  • halliday_uk wrote a review of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.
    Solid Orc slaughter

    Having read the great reviews, I was glad to not be let down by this game. The story I could take or leave, but the game play is great, controls tight, and the difficulty curve is smooth. Slaughter Or...

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    trying to push through my half completed games - 3 down so far in 2015!
  • halliday_uk wrote a review of South Park: The Stick of Truth.
    Imagine if an episode of South Park was 10 hours long

    Well, that's pretty much what this game is. I was really surprised to find that this a mechanically solid game, which has a fantasy setting whilst effectiveyl being a giant piece of fan service for th...

  • halliday_uk wrote a review of The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith.
    Telltale rolls out the style

    Having played the Walking Dead games, I dove into The Wolf Among us and had a blast. The story told is set in a great universe, with dark 80s versions of characters from fairy tales. I do recommend pi...

  • halliday_uk wrote a review of Nidhogg.
    Casually Elegant Duelling

    This game is great to play with a group of friends, as the antics which ensue as players skewer, slice and even strangle their opponents are sure to amuse. Many great moments of thrown swords, thrust...

  • halliday_uk wrote a review of Survivor Squad.
    Simple but enjoyable

    Saying you have a game which involves keeping back hordes of zombies is no longer a particularly novel concept. Having a game which includes the undead, and is done on a low budget is bound to be a ch...

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    Well up for this - I think I will grab it on kindle and blast through it. I do wonder what Dan's take on this will be.

  • halliday_uk wrote a review of Transistor.
    Great Strategic Action: A Bit Different

    Having played #Bastion I didn't quite know what to expect - safe to say that Transistor is a rather different game, but still well made and enjoyable. Whilst still having an action focus, the game is...

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    'I am tripping balls over here'

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    RIP Ryan.

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    Well said!

  • halliday_uk wrote a review of Papers, Please.
    Papers Please - Remember the whiskey

    Papers Please is one of those games which on the face of it is easy to explain - you play the role of a border crossing guard, who checks the passports and documents of immigrants. The subtleties of ...