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    Hagel Boldness

    Character » appears in 7 games

    Hagel is the friendly bald blacksmith who runs Beefy's Weapon Shop in Arland.

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    Hagel Boldness is the owner who runs Beefy's Weapon Shop in Arland's Artisan's Way. He's friendly with all of the Arland's townsfolk due to his energetic personality. At his weapons shop, players can craft new weapons and clothes by bringing in a particular type of ignot for weapons or cloth for clothes along with a fee. He also sells some ingredients for synthesis and can wholesale attacking items for the player to submit and buy from. After crafting a particular weapon on clothes, Hagel will break into conversation with Rorona regarding the particular dress in Atelier Rorona.

    In Atelier Rorona, Hagel prefers to be called by his nickname, "Pops", because he mishears the word bold in his last name as bald. He's very sensitive regarding his bald head and doesn't like to address it much. He does take off his hat during a scene triggered if the player progresses through Cory's friendship quest to lighten the mood between Rorona and Cory's argument. Toward the end of the game, he asks Rorona to craft a wig for him that won't fall off of his bald head. Astrid devises a wig attached to a helmet to ensure that the wig of hair glued to helmet as a surefire way to Hagel's wig problems.

    When Totori first visits Hagel at his shop in Atelier Totori, he is shown wearing that helmet and wig. After that, he approaches Totori normally, though now he shows off his bald head instead of covering it with a hat in Atelier Rorona.


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