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    Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Jun 24, 2010

    Sequel to Atelier Rorona and another installment of the Atelier franchise. In Atelier Totori, the story revolves around a girl named Totori, who plans to become an adventurer in hopes to find her mother who went missing years ago.

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    Before the Arland Kingdom turned into a republic, the kingdom began a new initiative called adventurers as their own knights were useless in exploring an mapping the large land. Eventually, the adventurers initiative proved to be very successful and the system became institutionalized where people interested in exploring many areas of the land must earn a license to do so. Totori's mother was one of the first adventurers and became really famous. However, it's been several years since Totori and her family has seen her. Totori sets her sights to earning herself an adventurer's license in hopes she can finally find her mother during her travels outside of Alanya.


    Totooria Helmold

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    The main protagonist of Atelier Totori. Totooria Helmold resides in Alanya, a small fishing village of the Arland Republic, with her sister and father. She was always timid and introverted until she learned alchemy from her master, Rorona, and began to grow some self-confidence. She sets her sights in acquiring an adventurer's license in hopes she can find her mother out in her travels.

    Rorolina Frixell

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    Rorolina Frixell is a world-renown alchemist who is spreading her alchemist skills to others interested during her travels all around the Arland republic. Rorona still retains her clumsy attributes, but has a much more self-confidence in herself from her various experiences she had during her travels. One day, Totori helps an unconscious Rorona lying down on the side of the street and helped her recover. Rorona starts giving Totori alchemy lessons and when Totori's first synthesis was successful, she took her in as her first student.

    Gino Knab

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    Gino is Totori's childhood friend who always cheerful and maintains a high optimistic attitude. He assists Totori as an escort whenever she needs to gather materials outside in the wildlife necessary for synthesis. His dream is to earn an adventurer's license and become a great adventurer. He later becomes Sterk's student and trains under him to become a knight.

    Sterkenburg Cranach

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    Sterkenburg was a knight of the Arland Kingdom before Arland turned into a republic. He constantly carries a serious and workman-like attitude carried over from his time as a knight. Years of constant worry and hard work haven't helped his appearance look any nicer, as he frightens many people from his menacing looking face.

    Cecilia Helmold

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    Cecilia is Totori's elder sister who has taken over motherly duties of the Helmond household since their mother has gone missing. She often worries for Totori's well-being and scolds her for any actions or ideas she thinks is too risky for Totori to partake. Whenever she sees Totori upset as a result of her scolding, she will either feel bad for making Totori feel bad or sulk if she feels like Totori's in the wrong.

    Guid Helmold

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    Guid Helmold is the father of Totori and Cecilia Helmold. He's lazy, easy-going, and spends most of the day fishing at Alanya's shipping port. He doesn't emit much of a presence and often surprises his daughters whenever he speaks up.

    Melvia Siebel

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    Melvia is an adventurer in Alanya who is best friends with Cecilia Helmond. She carries a cheerful attitude and doesn't mingle too much into little details, though if things start to get serious, she injects some comedic remarks to lighten the mood. Melvia was born with immense strength, which allows her to easily deal with monsters on her adventures. However, she hates working and has a lax approach to her responsibilities as an adventurer.

    Marc McBrine

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    Marc is a scientist with a huge love of machinery. He often digs up parts from machinery ruins throughout Arland and modifies them into something useful. He loves machinery so much, that it's mostly the topic of conversation that is brought up whenever someone speaks with Marc. His goal is to see everyone is Arland use machinery as an integral part of their daily lives.

    Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang

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    Mimi hails from a rich family in Arland. She is proud of her family's name and will utilize her adventurer's license to spread the family name throughout the land. Mimi often talks down on people as she despises people who are incompetent, as she takes her responsibilities seriously. She doesn't socialize much with others as she lived a solitary life up to this point and didn't know how to react when Totori asked her to be her friend.


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    Chim is a homonculus created by Rorona to bare some of Totori's work as an alchemist. Unlike Hom, Chim cannot talk and sometimes cannot comprehend what was said to them, but they do show a variety of emotions. Also, they require pie for them to work.


    Adventurer's License

    Totori receives her adventurer's license when she makes her first trip to Arland. The license allows Totori to access additional areas as certain benchmarks/tasks are completed. Her adventurer's license rank will increase by completing the following actions: exploring new areas and finding unique landmarks within the area being explored, frequent traveling, defeating over a certain amount of a particular monster, synthesizing items and increasing your synthesis rank, and increasing relationships with friends. When enough points have been accumulated to be promoted to the next rank, Totori must visit Cordelia in the Adventurer's Guild in Arland to update their license up to the promoted rank. The adventurer's license also must be renewed by the renewal date. If Totori's license fails to rank up to a certain rank by the time of renewal, the game will end.

    Front Quests

    Front quests are requests made by citizens requesting others to complete on their behalf. These quests can be accepted from Gerard at Gerard's Bar in Alanya or from Filly Dee at the Adventurer's Guild in Arland. Totori can accept multiple front quests from both places. Most quests have a deadline date where the quest must be submitted anytime before that date to earn the reward. If the player fails to report the quest on time, the quest's reward is lost.

    There are three particular types of front quests: gathering, synthesis, and bounties.

    • Gathering: The requested item must be gathered from from an outside area.
    • Synthesis: The requested item must be produced by synthesis.
    • Bounty: Defeating a number of the targeted monster at an outside area.

    When the player submits the quest before or on the deadline date, they are awarded the amount of cole posted for the quest and a bonus ingredient if the submitted item or bounty quest meets a particular quality or amount. The higher quality of the item or number of monsters defeated, the higher quality bonus ingredient is awarded. However, if a low quality item or the bare minimum of monsters defeated is submitted, only a portion of the cole posted will be awarded.

    Friend Quests

    Friend quests are sudden requests from a friend needing a certain item as they visit Totori at either her alchemist workshop in Alanya or at Rorona's workshop in Arland. These friend quests can be triggered when their friendship with a friend increases. Friendship levels are increased by having them hired into Totori's party. Strengthening friendships can trigger character flags where more of their story and personality are revealed, as well as having their assist meter gain faster to help Totori more often during battles.


    World Map

    Totori can visit to another area in the map by exiting the area and going to the world map. From there, the player can choose the new area/town to go to by navigating the destination arrow to the desired area. The UI will tell the player how long the trip will take and how much LP (stamina) it will consume. During their trip, Totori may stop to pick up cole, ingredients, or battle monsters. The party will also regenerate HP and MP during the trip.

    Area Exploration

    When Totori arrives at their destination, she can explore the area. Arriving at a particular area or finding a unique landmark will net points toward Totori's adventurer's license. In the area, Totori can gather items and battle monsters. Gathering items and battling enemies consumes time, decreasing your time gauge. When the time gauge is exhausted, a day has passed.

    Totori gathering ingredients at a gathering patch.
    Totori gathering ingredients at a gathering patch.
    • Gathering Ingredients: Ingredients can be gathered by having Totori standing on over a gathering patch and a bubble will pop-up to indicate they are over a patch. Once the player commands Totori to grab the patch, a window will pop up showing what ingredients along with their particular rating, grade, and traits. The player can decline from gathering any ingredients from a gathering patch and will not be penalized with time passage.
    • Battling Monsters: Totori's party will enter into battle if she comes in contact with a monster. The player can earn first strike in battle if they successfully hit the monster with Totori's staff.


    Atelier Totori runs a turn-based battle system where Totori's party and monsters take turns until the battle is over, usually when one party defeats all the members of the other party. A turn order graphic on the bottom-left corner of the screen will show the order of the character/monster's turn in battle.


    The player has five commands to select from when a party member's turn is up.

    Sterk performing a skill against a monster.
    Sterk performing a skill against a monster.
    • Attack: The character performs a normal attack to a monster.
    • Skills: The character performs a special skill, which varies from special attacks, healing, curing ailments, inflicting ailments, or increasing attacking/defensive stats. Skills consumes the character's MP.
    • Items: Only Totori and Rorona can use items during battle, where they can use items available from Totori's basket.
    • Guard: The character poses into a defensive stance to receive less damage from a monster's attack.
    • Flee: The party flees from battle.

    Assist System

    Totori's friends can assist Totori at certain points during battle. The friend must gain enough meter to perform the assist, which is gained when they take action during the turn in battle. When the certain point is reached, the player is prompted to select which friend to perform the assist.

    The points during battle where Totori's friends can assist.

    • Totori uses an attacking item on a monster - her friend follows-up with an assist attack on the same monster Totori attacked.
    • Totori performs a skill - her friend follows-up with an offensive skill on the same monster Totori attacked.
    • Totori is about to be attacked by a monster - her friend can step in front of Totori and will take the damage from the monster intending to attack Totori.


    The following ailments can occur during battle.

    • Poison: The character/monster loses HP when their turn is up.
    • Curse: Weakens any attacking/defensive buffs to a character/monster.
    • Blind: The character's/monster's accuracy during attacks and the ability to flee from battle decreases.
    • Paralyze: The character's/monster's attacking/defense/speed stats decreases.
    • Sleep: The character's/monster's turn is skipped over when their turn is up. Sleep will end once they are attacked.

    End Battle Results

    At the end of the battle, the party receives adventurer's points, cole, and ingredients depending on the type of monsters defeated. When a character reaches a new level, they will receive increased stats in HP, MP, and LP, and learn new skills at certain levels.

    All Party Members Fall in Battle

    If all party members fall in battle, the game does not end. Instead, the party will retreat back to the nearest workshop (Alanya or Arland) along with the number of days needed to travel back to the workshop.


    Item Synthesis

    Totori can perform item synthesis by going up to the cauldron in Atelier Totori (in Alanya) and in Atelier Rorona (in Arland). A list of items available to synthesize will be displayed when the player commands Totori to perform synthesize at the cauldron.

    Each item is detailed with the following information.

    Details to synthesize a Zettel
    Details to synthesize a Zettel
    • Alchemist Level: The minimum level required to successfully perform the synthesis.
    • Days: The amount of days required to synthesize the item.
    • MP: The amount of MP required to perform the synthesis.
    • Ingredients: A list and the amount of ingredients required to synthesize the item.

    The player can select which ingredients to use to synthesize the desired item. Ingredients that contain particular traits will be carried over to the finished item. Once the ingredients are chosen, the synthesis process begins. After the required days have passed and the required MP consumed, the synthesis process ends with either results in success or failure. If the synthesis was successful, the player can select the specific traits they want on the item (limited by the cost level and maximum of five) to add to the finished item. Higher quality ingredients will result in higher quality items and allows more traits to be tacked on at the end of the synthesis process. However, some synthesis can result in failure if the player's alchemist level or amount of MP is below the minimum amount required. All attempted synthesizes, whether it results as a success or failure, nets Totori alchemist experience points toward her alchemist level.

    Acquiring Recipes

    New items to synthesize are available by acquiring recipes. Recipes can be acquired during the course of the story, unlocking certain flags during a friend's quest, from treasure chests scattered across many exploration areas, or by buying recipe books from a shop. Once Totori returns to the workshop, she will learn the new recipes which will add new items to the list of items available to synthesize.

    Weapon/Clothes Synthesis

    New weapons and clothes can be crafted by bringing in a particular type of ingot (for weapons) or cloth (for clothes) over to Hagel's Weapon Shop in Arland. Each weapon/clothes synthesis comes with a fee to complete the weapon/clothes synthesis process. Like item synthesis, particular traits in ingots or cloths can be carried over the newly crafted weapon/clothes. Higher quality ingots/clothes will result in higher quality weapons/clothes with bigger increases to a character's HP, attack, defense, and/or speed stats.


    The shops in Alanya and Arland can reproduce and sell an item the player wishes to register to a shop. Each shop will accept up to ten items of a particular type of item.


    Chim assists Totori in performing two tasks, gathering ingredients and synthesis.

    Gathering Ingredients/Synthesis

    Telling Chim to synthesize a Zettel
    Telling Chim to synthesize a Zettel
    • Gathering Ingredients: The player can command Chim to gather a particular ingredient out in the field.
    • Synthesis: The player can command Chim to synthesize an item. Chim can synthesize all items successfully performed by the player beforehand. For Chim to perform a synthesis of an item, Chim must have the required ingredients in his/her container.

    Each command will take a certain amount of days for Chim to complete, depending on the difficulty of the ingredient requested to be gather or the item being synthesized. The efficiency of Chim's work in gathering ingredients or synthesizing items depends on his/her mood. The better the mood, the quicker Chim will get the task done.

    Motivating Chim

    There are times where Chim will refuse to perform the work given because he/she are disinterested to do the task. To motivate Chim to get back to work, or to have them work more efficiently, Chim must have pie fed to him/her.

    Producing Additional Chims

    Additional Chims can be produced by attaining the Water of Life ingredient and putting that ingredient into the machine that produces Chims. A maximum of four additional Chims can be produced.

    Premium Edition

    The premium edition of Atelier Totori includes the game's soundtrack on CD and a visual art book.

    Visual Art Book

    The visual art book provides a brief description of the major characters in the game along with conceptual art for each one along with a few bonus images.

    Soundtrack (Alanya of Music)

    The CD soundtrack contains 32 tracks of songs heard in the game. Atelier Totori's score was composed by Ken Nakagawa and Kazuki Yanagawa.

    Atelier Totori Premium Edition
    Atelier Totori Premium Edition
    1. Pilgrimage
    2. Guidance
    3. Sea Breeze
    4. The Ocean is Calling
    5. In Her Shadow
    6. Yellow Zone
    7. Sunny Day
    8. Atelier Totori
    9. Easy Life
    10. Monstrous Girl
    11. Red Zone
    12. Exceedingly Exceptional Super Genius Scientist
    13. That's Suspicious
    14. Peaceful Ruins
    15. Emotions and Memories
    16. Pilgrimage ~ on orgel
    17. Family Memories
    18. Across the Wastelands
    19. Crystal Waltz
    20. Abandoned Monastery
    21. TARGET
    22. Village in the Fog
    23. Dia ~ on orgel
    24. Night's Domain - Atelier Totori
    25. Ophiuchus
    26. A Busy Day
    27. Distant Summit
    28. Try
    29. Roaring Seas
    30. Transient Village in the Snow
    31. Primrose
    32. Dead End

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