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Vita enhanced ports

So, when creating the Vita exclusives list, I had to make a call as to what to do with Persona 4 Golden. On one hand it kinda is one of the most praised Vita exclusives, on the other, the core of the game being the original PS2 Persona 4, it is not actually an exclusive.

It seemed like a bad choice either way, so as a compromise I decided to instead create a second list for enhanced ports. These are games that exist on multiple platforms, but where the Vita version contains non-trivial additional content or features that are not present in other versions of the game. Unlike the exclusives list, this one is fall all regions, so expect a number of Japan-only games.

(...and I've been doing a poor job at keeping this updated. All the indie ports and visual novels have been making it hard to decide what constitutes an enhanced port. I'll try to add some more titles, but no promises.)

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