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    A 3D modeling studio that is responsible for creating the character models for many high profile Japanese game franchises.

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    FlightUnit Ltd. is an external subcontracting development studio consisting of less than 20 people that specializes in 3D character modeling and production. Established in August 2002, FlightUNIT was founded by a game designer named Hiroyuki Matsumoto who began his career in the 1990s working at Racjin where he created pixel art for games such as Kabuki Klash. The company started very small, assisting with modeling and animation on Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel among other titles. However the studio grew into prominence after creating the models and CG cut-scenes for Shinning Force EXA in 2007 which lead to FlightUNIT working on a number of other games with Sega, including assisting with Valkyria Chronicles and later Shining Resonance. Today the company is perhaps most well known for their modeling work on some of the modern Atelier games, among other Gust titles, but they have also worked on a number of other high profile Japanese franchises, including Tales, God Eater, Code Vein and 5pb's 3D games such as Robotic;Notes.


    1. Hiroyuki Matsumoto's Twitter Account
    2. Interview with Hiroyuki Matsumoto (4Gamer, 2012)
    3. Interview Between Hiroyuki Matsumoto and Tony Taka (Famitsu, 2014)
    4. Shinning Force EXA Movie Making Files

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