Wilbell voll Erslied

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    The first time that the player encounters Wilbell she it offering to help find Ayesha's lost wallet. Although her aid is quickly accepted it turns out that she requires a down payment for before she will make any effort. The scene devolves quickly and Wilbell leaves without being paid.

    The next time Ayesha leaves town Wilbell basically forces her way into the party in an attempt to regain the money that the player owes her for finding her wallet. She states at this time that no one can know that she is a witch, even though she proudly states that fact while introducing herself to knew people.

    Wilbell has a great-great-grandmother that is her inspiration for becoming a great witch one day. The only contact that the player ever has with her is either when Wilbell is being yelled at through a crystal ball or a random gift box that is delivered to their workshop.


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