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A great ending to a great trilogy

Lets get it out of the way. Halo 2 was a big disappointment. The multiplayer might have been good. But the story was terrible. But i can pretty much say this "halo 3 is the best halo and it will not disappoint a halo fan at all"

The story for halo leaves off were the second one left off. Master Chief is back on earth and must "finish the fight". His fight will start off in Africa and end up some where way farther. For the sake of no spoilers i will not talk about the story.

The game play in halo 3 is the halo fun you have come to know. Its pretty straight forward. Run and gun, take cover for your shield to recharge. The dual wielding from halo 2 still remains, and the equipment is now the new thing in the halo series. It uses the X button to deploy. This works really well. But the equipment feels sort of like it was put in for the multiplayer. But if you play legendary you will end up using alot of it. The graphics are great. I know people say that it was halo 2 in HD in beta. But the graphics have improved greatly. They aren't the best looking xbox 360 graphics out. But they still look great. Everything is really detailed and is nice to look at. The character models look alot better this time around.

There really isnt much to say in a review about Halo 3. Its your basic halo controls. With your run and gun gameplay. All i can say is go out and buy it. You will not be disappointed!

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