Halo Reach Plato's Cave - Part Three

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This is part three in the Plato's Cave series. Halo Reach Plato's Cave - Part Three

If you wish to see part one and two, so that the story makes sense, you can find them here:
Halo Reach Plato's Cave - Part One
Halo Reach Plato's Cave - Part Two

The story of Plato's Cave, in short, is of the Arbiter in search of an ancient Forerunner relic that the Covenant thought of as only myth because the Prophet of Truth told them as such, before his demise. But this relic, known only as the Vim, is real. It is a great power, and that is all that is known of it. The Arbiter wants to give it to humanity for his people's sins against them. What is known from Truth's records is that the Vim is on the planet Shiver, in the Athensir system.
Plato's Cave is the first construct the Arbiter uncovers as he descends deeper beneath the surface of the planet. This is in the videos so check them out!

REACH FORGE MAP UPDATE: We had around 12 people playing the map during yesterday's TGIF. After even more feedback I've dome some tweaks. Images and videos of the map will be posted soon.

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