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    Halo: Reach

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Sep 14, 2010

    A prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, chronicling one of the most cataclysmic events of the Halo Universe through the eyes of a squad of Spartan super-soldiers known as Noble Team. It is also the last game in the series developed by Bungie.

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    Reach for the stars 7

    Halo: Reach is kind of the Empire Stikes Back of the Halo franchise. I'm not saying it's the best one, because it's not. I'm saying this because of the tone. Halo: Reach is the story planet Reach, and the war that destroyed it. It's a story filled with death, depressive scenes and little hope. And yes, despite all this, this is a Halo game, and a pretty darn good one too.  Game is split into a variety of modes but three stand out the most: the Campagne, the gigantic, deeper than the ocean Multip...

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    Welcome to Reach 2

    In November of 2001, a launch title for the original Xbox named Halo: Combat Evolved forever changed the controls and impact of the home console first-person shooter. Nine years later, developer Bungie had grown the series into one of the most successful and recognizable franchises in the entire industry, becoming a household name nearly rivaling Mario. 2010 saw Bungie's final game in the series that they will create, crafting an origin story to Combat Evolved; appropriately ending the developer...

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    Will You Remember Reach? 1

    It has been a decade since the release of Halo: Combat Evolved, and still I think of it as one of the greatest first person shooters of all time. A true masterpiece of console gaming, Halo innovated the genre with regenerating shields, a two weapon limit, drivable vehicles, and console controls that didn't feel stiff and awkward. As groundbreaking as the game was, the FPS genre has come a very long way since 2000, and those features are all considered standard elements of modern games. Has Halo ...

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    It's everything Bungie's last Halo game needed to be. 0

     Halo Reach Review Changing the Halo formula is a very risky business, there is no doubt about that. The beta for Reach that was run earlier in the year had a pretty mixed reception. I for one did not like the changes they had made the mechanics of the MP, the armour abilities and weapons didn’t seem right yet. However, that was a beta and this is the final game, and I can say that I have never been so pleasantly surprised by a game in my life. Reach takes place literally right before the ev...

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    Bungie's Final Halo Installment Is A Mixed Bag. 7

    I'm sure I'll get a lot of crap here for "hating on Halo"...but truth be told...Halo: Reach is not a perfect game...not by even a longshot.   I'm disappointed in literally every review I've read for this game.  Reviews have not only praised this game for being the best in the franchise (which it's not), but also have praised this game up for having a great single player (or Co-Operative) campaign...which it also is lacking in.  One of the main reasons I've enjoyed the Halo series over the years ...

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    Does it "Reach" expectations? 0

    Halo: ReachHalo: Reach is the final installment in the series by Bungie, and is actually a prequel to the events of the first Halo. You follow Noble Team, a UNSC special operations unit composed of elite super soldiers known as Spartans. Players assume the role of an unnamed new addition to the team, identified by the call sign Noble 6. During the campaign, players will experience the fall of Reach, and humanity's heroic yet desperate struggle to save Reach from the brutal alien attackers.  Sin...

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    The most well made, content-filled, yet frustrating Halo yet. 0

    Halo: the franchise that almost single-handedly put an Xbox in millions of homes back when Microsoft first entered the gaming business has reached the final chapter under developer Bungie's watch.  While I have played every Halo game (with the exception of Halo Wars) and typically enjoy them, I never really got into them long term.  I usually play the campaign by myself, and on co-op once or twice, and maybe dabble in the multiplayer for a little while, and move on feeling good about the game in...

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    Don't Make Promises. 6

    WARNING!THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW!  Campaign - The A.I. for both humans and the Covenant are unbalanced.  Humans are dumb as fuck and the Covenant, especially Elites, are too hyper-reactive.  It's unnatural.  Humans stand there, taking damage and not shooting back; whereas Elites run all over the place after reacting to a single shot.  Play the game on Legendary, you'll know what I mean.- Adjusting the difficulty is not hard.  When Bungie said that they were going to "increase the numbe...

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    You've played this before, but not like this. 0

    Bungie's last Halo is out, offering everything we've come to expect from a Halo game. Full-fledged multiplayer, added and upgraded game types, as well as a solid campaign. Bungie hasn't been sitting idle in a vacuum of their own ideas, they've obviously been taking notes to improve the game we love, Halo, but is Halo: Reach the best?     While the conclusion of Halo: Reach is known before hand, it doesn't mean the game is incapable of packing a wallop. If you're familiar with the Halo univ...

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    I fitting end to a wonderful story. 0

    I should say going into this that I am a Huge Halo fan, I have loved all the past games, Halo CE and Halo 2 being my favourites.That aside Reach tells the story of six very human Spartans and their struggle to try to save a Doomed planet and lay the steping stone for the eventual survival of mankind. Going into this you know the outcome but the story getting to that out come is one of Heroism, sacrifice, and challenge. Five Hundred million people died on Reach and it is safe to say that this is ...

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    A huge package! 0

       After a decade of shooter dominance, Bungie finally releases their swan song for the Halo franchise. Halo: Reach is a product of everything Bungie has done thus far, and the result is an encapsulation of everything that is great about the franchise. This game contains a plethora of content that surpasses any Halo game to date, and arguably any console First Person Shooter. Players will be hard-pressed to become bored anytime soon.Halo: Reach draws from the strengths of previous Halo ga...

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    The Final Nail in the Coffin 0

    Halo: Reach is the final Halo game that will be developed by Bungie and it acts as the end of Halo as we know it, even as it represents the beginning of the Halo storyline.  The game puts you in the boots of new Noble Team member: Noble Six as the first reports of the Covenant attack on the planet Reach are being confirmed. As Noble Six, you’ll explore Reach with a squad of spartans as you attempt to fend off a massive invasion.    Loved:Noble Team is a stunning departure from the usual cast of...

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    The greatest common denominator 0

    I’ve had a strange, up and down relationship with the Halo franchise, so let me set the record straight. I’ve always felt that Halo is a well made, great playing game that manages to operate in a “lowest common denominator” type of way, and Bungie’s latest (and last) is no different. Halo: Reach is a solid shooter that checks all the boxes, though it doesn't aspire to do any more than that. Put bluntly, it's a Halo game.Given that, Halo: Reach is undoubtedly the most complete Halo game made to d...

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    You've gotta Reach for Noble team 0

    Halo Reach is a highly anticipated game. Most people have Halo 3, some have Halo3 ODST, but you simply have to have this one.  Single-Player: Campaigns in Halo games have always been known to have great missions and great cutscenes and the like. Halo Reach is no different. Your Noble Six, the latest addition to Noble Team. You see yourself joining the team and you start off in a Falcon and fly somewhere with wind turbines. That leads you into the first mission. In other Halo's you haven't really...

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    A fantastic end for Bungies involvement in halo 1

      Halo Reach might be the best halo game. For me thats hard to say since my 2nd favorite game of all time is Halo: Combat Evolved, but Reach is just packed with content.     The first thing you will notice about reach is it is a good looking game. The facial animation is very good, and the graphics are much better than Halo 3's. The single player is very good and it has the right amount of set pieces and enemy variety to keep it fresh. There were also parts in the story that were genuinely sad...

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    Best Halo Game, but is it enough? 0

    Halo Reach is by far the best of the Halo games with its technical polish and vast feature set, but in many ways it feels like Bungie has only caught up to other current gen games on the market. Compared to previous Halo games, Reach has the best directed story, but it still plays second or third fiddle to the strongest component of the franchise which is in its gameplay.In Halo Reach you play as Noble 6, the newest member of Spartan Noble team. Noble team has been sent to Reach to investigate s...

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    The Definitive Halo Game from the People Who Created Halo 0

    The Halo series has been one of the most successful video game franchises of the past decade and is not only responsible for the popularisation of countless features and gameplay systems in modern shooters, but has also been largely responsible for kick-starting the wave of console-based first-person shooters we’ve seen in the past couple of console generations. With this in mind Bungie had a monumental task in creating the final and definitive Halo game, and yet they still seem to have met all ...

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    A great addition to the series 0

    To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Halo Reach, with it being released only a year after ODST (a game that was nice, but was essentially just an expansion without many new gameplay improvements). I have to say though, i've pretty thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute I've played of Halo Reach.   The campaign has some really cool levels, and is definitely best played 4 player coop over Xbox Live.Sure the multiplayer simply made its own version of COD4's ranking/XP system, but that doesn't...

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     This is an unedited version... sorry, To lazy to copy and paste the one with working grammar. NOTE: If you’re a Halo fan, remember, my reviews are purely opinion, and I am stating none of this as fact…. :D It’s no secret that I really dislike the Halo franchise; however that hate is not without reason. No matter how many copies these games sell, or how many millions of users they have, they’ll never have the things that draw me in.  But perhaps Bungie's last foray into the Halo world will make ...

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    "L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace." 19

    So lets be frank: taking your uber-successful franchise, removing its almost-as-famous-as-Mario main character, making it prequel, and finally setting it an story that millions of people already know ends in tragedy and loss? That takes some balls. But, unlike the franchise's last two experiments, ODST and Wars, this is an balls-to-the-walls, edge of your seat, visceral success.   So what's to like? Well, if you have actually enjoyed the single-player campaign experience of the previous games, y...

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    One of the biggest of 2010 - but the best? 0

    And so it arrives: Halo Reach, Bungie's last game in the massively popular (and some argue way too overrated) franchise concerning mankind's struggle against the alien race known as the Covenant. Huge sales, books comics and action figures litter the stores and young kids everywhere are trash talking you and/or your mom on its addicting multiplayer. You knew Halo Reach was going to sell huge no question but the quality of the game I feel might be up for debate for a small number of folks. I shou...

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    Bungie Loves You 0

    Halo is by far one of my favourite franchises around however; I wouldn’t consider myself a fanboy. ODST disappointed and in my eyes Halo CE is still by far the best in the series. The big question that lingered in my head is would the last true Halo game leave my feeling good about the series. Halo Reach takes place before any of the original games on the outlying fortress planet of Reach. You take the place of new recruit NOBLE Six who despite what I thought is not quite a silent protagonist bu...

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    Quick review 0

    Better than Halo 3, but the bar moved on years ago. + you can run! you can fly!+ rudimentary  class options in some multiplayer game modes + Single player is interesting( from what I have seen) = You can make you player look purty,  = voting system.... ok so I had it in the pluses,until I realised that I had played two maps 15 times and some maps never because every douchbag voted for them each time. There is something to be said for actually playing on the VERY few maps that they have in this g...

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    Halo: Reach is the ultimate parting gift from Bungie. 1

    Doube time it, Noble!Halo has always been the jewel crown in the overwhelming genre of First person shooters as the first Halo: Combat Evolved would eventually blossom into a phenomenon with its innovative gameplay, epic storyline, awesome multiplayer sweet and flashes of brilliance that has yet to be mastered. These are all elements that have been spilled over into its two sequels which has taken the series into cool new directions. Halo: Reach however treads the earliest ground in the Halo lo...

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    Doubtless all the fanatics and Halo die hards (of which I am one) will rant and rave about this game. However, I've now had a chance to play the full retail version, and to be brutally honest, (and it pains me to say this), I'm afraid that Halo Reach is `The Emperor's New Game`. I've been a massive fan of the Halo series, and have loved all the games, read the books etc, so I know my Halo. Don't get me wrong Halo Reach is a good game with a fabulous range of options, customization and loa...

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    The Halo fan's dream game. 0

    2001 - the year console shooters changed forever thanks to a little game called Halo: Combat Evolved.2004 - the year online gaming on consoles exploded with Halo 2's stunning multiplayer.2007 - the year Bungie redefined the word epic, and delivered the complete Halo package with Halo 3.2009 - the year Bungie created one of the most addicting co-op experiences ever in Halo 3: ODST.Now, it's 2010. Halo: Reach is the end of an era; a send-off for one of the most respected FPS developers in the indu...

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    Reaching for the Pinnacle of Evolution 0

    Evolved.That’s what Halo has become. It’s hard to imagine that it has been nearly ten years since the salivating masses had met Master Chief, and it’s even harder to imagine that Halo Reach is Bungie’s final farewell for the franchise. The feeling for most fans is apocalyptic dismay as the realization sets in that Bungie will pass the torch onto the unproven 343 Industries. But let’s disregard the murky future and concentrate on what Halo Reach means: it’s another Halo game and, my, it’s beautif...

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    Halo: Reach Review 0

    Halo: Reach has a lot on its shoulders. Not only does it have a legacy of excellent shooters to follow, it’s the last of its kind from developer Bungie. It’s easy to imagine them crumbling under the pressure, delivering a lot of half-baked ideas with middling execution. Overcoming the odds, Halo: Reach is without a doubt the best Halo game yet. Whether it’s the single player or multiplayer, there isn’t a facet of the game that hasn’t seen a significant improvement.Thanks to an engine overhaul, B...

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    The Sequel That is a Prequel 0

         Halo Reach is the 5th game in the Halo universe. It is a prequel that sets up the events leading up to the first Halo. This is also the last Halo game that Bungie will develop. With Bungie's final farewell they went out with a bang improving the game in every way possible. However, if you were never a fan of Halo this game won't change your mind but if you are a fan (you've probably already played it) and haven't played it yet you will enjoy it.      The single player campaign is great and ...

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    reaching out at the end 0

      The last halo developed by series creators Bungie, takes a step back thematically and literally to produce a game that creates a solo player game that’s thrilling and effecting, a multiplayer game that’s wide open and full with a creative mode that is deeper then any other on console game that’s come before.   Upon starting up halo reach for the first time you’re faced with the option to customise your Spartan, picking a helmet, colour scheme and even gender. This all seems pretty much like wh...

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    Remember Reach, Remember Bungie... 0

     Back in 1999, when there was no Gametrailers or YouTube, avid gamers would rely on a large culture of magazines and demo discs to learn about the next biggest thing in gaming. Occasionally, we may have even come across that rarest of occurrences, the gaming television show. One specific show that I remember with great appeal was Game Over on the now defunct satellite channel .TV. Hosted by Andy Collins, the show provided tongue in cheek despatches from the video gaming world. The Game as...

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    Noble Map Pack Review 0

    After 2 months since launch, Reach fans now have their hands on the first map pack for download. Big seller Halo Reach's Noble Map Pack features 3 new maps ready for matchmaking. For ten bucks you get Tempest- a large beachside map perfect for CTF and slayer alike, Anchor 9- interior of a ship featuring a large zero G area similar to Zealot, and the largest of the three, Breakpoint- a huge outdoor map mostly fitted for invasion and big team.    Anchor 9The scene is a UNSC ship. It basically take...

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    The Beginning of the End? 0

      Halo: Reach is a Halo game through and through: if you came expecting a significant departure from previous iterations of Halo, you would be sorely disappointed.   But what you can expect is a lovingly crafted tribute by game developers Bungie to the Halo series and their devoted fans.                                                 Reach’s single player campaign epitomises the engaging Halo formula: a careful mix of exceptional first-person shooting mechanics, vehicular based missions and...

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    Get me a 24-pack of beer and Reach and I’ll survive for a week 0

    XBOX360HALO: REACH REVIEWGet me a 24-pack of beer and Reach and I’ll survive for a weekIt’s finally arrived and Xbox 360 owners across the globe are rejoicing while PS3 owners are flaming away on the forums. It truly is a momentous occasion. You probably already have the game in your hands and have clocked hundreds of hours of multiplayer. I mean, the games already been out for a few weeks. So why put a review up now? With a game like Reach, I think it takes a little more than one run through of...

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    Reach Review 0

     When talking about a series as influential and beloved as Halo, you’d better be careful making the grand claim that the latest edition is the best yet. But after you’ve gorged yourself on the sublime single-player game – and steeled yourself for the months of thumb-numbing online multiplayer to come – there’ll be no doubt in your mind that this is Halo’s crowning glory.   While all Halo games have been undisputed modern classics, it’s all been leading up to Reach; a title of such depth, i...

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    More then just a game. 0

    You know that feeling when you are about to watch a movie that is so grand, so epic that you have goose bumps?  Halo Reach will do that and will do it for the entire game.  Love it or hate it, make no mistake that Halo is the current top dog in video games.  What Mario and Sonic was to 1980s and 90s, Halo is the current top dog.  Not only in terms of sales but also hype, devotion, and hate.  The amount of jealousy and hate that the PS3 fans come up with at the mention of Halo is a sure sign that...

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    Stick With Reach 0

      NOTE - I haven't played much Firefight or multi-player game modes like Invasion/Objective games etc, I've stuck to Campaign, Forge and Slayer mostly.  SINGLE PLAYER, SPOILERS You play as Noble 6, a replacement spartan with a shadowy past, your tasked along with the rest of Noble Team with defending the planet Reach against the Covenant, Reach is the second best defended planet behind Earth and is key to humanity's survival against the Covenant. First off the campaign doesn't have th...

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    Campaign Review 0

     Bungie continues to do what Bungie does well – but is this the end for the Halo we know? It’s kind of strange going back to a proper Halo game after having played a bunch of shooters where “aiming down the sights” is integral to the gameplay because that’s not really how Halo rolls. I found it refreshing to be back in the Spartan armor, mixing up vehicular and on-foot combat, and punching grunts in the face. Even knowing how the game ends (poorly for our heroes) didn’t sour the experience ...

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    Decent Ending to an Overrated Series 0

     Bungie's stewardship over their rather profitable Halo series comes to a close with Halo Reach, probably the pinnacle of this series. The storyline is abject crap (space marines repel the Covenant from Reach) and almost seems to contradict the mythos (Reach, if memory serves, went so poorly it got them to wake Master Chief up to fight the Covenant and the UNSC was basically routed and abandoned the planet).So, this is the prequel involving the Fall of Reach...and things aren't that bad. ...

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    Halo: Reach Review 0

    In Bungie's last personal entry into the Halo universe they decided to go a bit further out of the box than they did with ODST. This time you're going to get a little bit more of a taste of different type of player types that you can train with and get a more personalized experience with. You are the newest recruit into a special forces arm called Noble Team. You're the sixth member and you and your team members will be sent on missions all over Reach, the humans' final stand, trying to discover...

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    Until You Get It Perfect 0

    After a decade, we have arrived at the end for Bungie developed Halo games. The series and its creators are both at a crossroads. Before we move on completely, we journey to Reach to see how the events of the rest of the series almost never happened. Will  Halo: Reach rewrite the standards for prequels or is it just a story that was better left unplayed?     Team Noble coming at you  Let's Go, 6The story of  Halo and I have a mixed past. I gave up on the stories during the main campaign, but ...

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    Why settle when you can Reach 0

     There is something about the Halo franchise that gets me excited.  I like the characters, the story, and environments and the weapons.  I have played the Halo series since Combat Evolved and was very exicted when I heard Reach was coming out.  Now that I have finished the campaign I feel like I can give a full, fair review.  The Story - I will not reveal any of the story to prevent any spoiling but I will say that the story in Reach got me more involved emotionally then any other Halo game.  I ...

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    Halo: Reach Review 0

    Let me get this started by saying that I personally have had little love for the Halo Series in my time playing games. Other then the occasional Lan party with Halo: CE for Xbox and a brief attempt at playing through the trilogies campaigns I haven't found much reason to care about the universe or its characters. That being said with Reach being a prequel and my most recent playthrough of the ODST add on for Halo 3 Impressing me I decided to go at Reach with an open mind. Halo Reach takes pl...

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    The best Halo ever, and yes, playing on Heroic IS the way to play.  Legendary is just stupid hard, like taking a bumpy bus ride wearing underwear full of drawing pins - some might like it but most will find it uncomfortable to say the least.    Only on the very last level did I find Reach start to get a bit samey (What, another wave of even tougher covenant?) but the graphics, story, cut-scenes and panache mark this out as the the definitive HALO.  I just wish my 5.1 sound system didn't drown ou...

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