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  • JTB123 posted a message on the post See You Next Game.

    This was a great way to spend a few hours. I am really going to miss being able to check on these duders when things get heavy though.Best wishes to all you guys.

  • JTB123 posted a message in the forum topic Vinny, Brad, and Alex are leaving the site. Last day is Friday.. on the General Discussion board

    I got my account working again due to this, I followed these guys since MGS2 came out and over the past few years I only check in every now and then but always kept my ear to the ground on what they'r...

  • JTB123 posted a message in the forum topic Extra Life - November 2, 2019 - Join the Giant Bomb team!. on the General Discussion board

    After many years of meaning to get around to doing this I am going ahead this year. I will be doing two 12 hour streams but will likely go a little over. First one will be on the 2nd of November and t...