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Combines the best of both the previous games with only minor casualties. 0

Dead Space 3 makes some significant changes from the last game in the series, if you’re coming into this expecting another ride like Dead Space 2 then I’m sorry to tell you that won’t be what you experience. Dead Space 3 attempts to blend the best of both the previous games into one and apart from a couple of instances; they have done an outstanding job at doing so.The main problem Dead Space 3 has is found in its story, it really falls victim to just giving you too much information about every ...

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Immensely satisfying and engrossing from start to finish. 0

There are so many great things in Dust: An Elysian Tail that deciding where to begin made my head hurt. The downloadable scene has certainly had some stand out titles since it began and Dust effortlessly earns its place among (if not above) every single one of them.The core mechanics that make up Dust are probably things you’ve experienced before, 2D side scrolling setup with hack n’ slash gameplay, light RPG style levelling and customisation in the form of loot and gear you find throughout the ...

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We've been here before, but there's still plenty of fun to be had 2

Prototype 2 feels like a complete re-tread of the first game in almost every single way imaginable. While that’s not a definitively bad thing, the original Prototype had some impressive ideas and really showed potential that could have been expanded on for a sequel. Prototype 2 is by no means a terrible game, but as a follow up to what the original offered, it’s hard not to be disappointed by this sequel, which makes absolutely no attempt to drastically improve or even alter anything that was do...

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Get yourself some Space Marine! 0

Making an established universe seem interesting to anyone that isn’t familiar with it is an essential box to tick when making a game based on it. If the universe doesn’t seem interesting then people are likely to walk away from it, fortunately this is something that Space Marine smartly avoids by striking a perfect balance of explaining the basics, while assuming just the right amount of knowledge about the universe it is set in. Prior knowledge of the Warhammer 40K canon is not necessary to hav...

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A fully charged spin dash in the right direction. 0

Sonic Generations is a good game and a deserving entry for the franchise, that much simply must be stated right away considering the history of the franchise. Whether you love them or hate them, the first two Sonic the Hedgehog games on the Sega Mega Drive are two of the most beloved games of the early nineties and created astronomical expectations for the future of the series. Ever since then, the subsequent Sonic games never seemed to grasp exactly what made those early games so fun and enjoy...

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If you're prepared to put in time, there is fun to be had here. 0

Dead Island is a fine example of a game that fails to really capitalise on its concept, there are great ideas present in the game but they are held back by the sheer volume of small annoyances that plague it from start to finish. There is certainly fun to be had throughout the game, but it feels afraid to let you have too much fun at once and puts frustrating obstacles in your way to hinder all the enjoyment.   There is a great concept behind Dead Island, a holiday island resort becomes the v...

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Its shocking brevity undermines all improvement over the original 0

Ever since I watched Star Wars for the first time I wanted a light sabre, I mean who didn’t? It has to be one of the greatest fantasy weapons ever, unfortunately, humanity doesn’t seem to be very close to containing super heated plasma inside a magnetic field so Star Wars games are the closest we can get to actually wielding one. The original Force Unleashed really didn’t nail the feeling of wielding a light sabre nor did it really maximise the potential for the force powers, it was a pretty av...

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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Review 0

Assassin’s Creed is a perfect example of seeing developers learning and refining their game with each iteration. The jump from the original to AC2 was incremental to say the least, and Brotherhood is a total refinement of the improvements they made in that game. That does however, make Brotherhood a little less impressive than its predecessor was and makes the core mechanics which the game is built around age quicker than they would otherwise. The biggest draw in Brotherhood is the story, seei...

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Maximum Review, engaged. 0

 I must state upfront that I don't talk about the multiplayer, I did try it, but didn't have enough fun to stop me playing the campaign.   Crysis is a game that is perhaps more notorious for utter ridiculous hardware requirements rather than the actual content of the game. My biggest hurdle with the original game was the controls, they were needlessly complicated and made everything about the game far more frustrating than it needed to be. Crysis 2 tackles that issue head on and completely revam...

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Vanquish is the video game equivalent of light speed travel 0

Vanquish is not your typical 3rd person shooter, sure it might have cover, d-pad weapon switching and a few other things you might expect to find in one but the gameplay feels more like a severely modded version of Ninja Gaiden but with guns. Now if that doesn’t get you interested in Vanquish, then odds are this game isn’t for you, if it does, then read on to find out why you absolutely must play this game.   The movement is one of the main things that separates Vanquish apart. Everything about...

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inFamous 2 raises the bar for its genre. 0

InFAMOUS 2 Review   The original inFAMOUS falls into a group of games that I would call the future of sandbox gaming. Controlling an immensely powerful character while fighting worthy adversaries and giving the player the abilities to traverse the world very quickly but make doing so enjoyable by itself. The original inFAMOUS had all this in spades and one of the most well crafted open worlds that I have ever seen. It was topped off by a good story with characters that were relatable, the proble...

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Quantity over quality 2

  It is very important that you know what kind of game Darksiders is before going in, it is primarily an adventure game. I came into the game expecting a bit more of a focus on action, something that really threw me off for a large part of my time with it. Darksiders attempts to merge a barrel full of other popular game mechanics to create a perfect mix. The problem is that not one of these mechanics has been represented as well as the game it borrows it from, not even close. The combat is very ...

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In space, nobody can hear you having such a good time, again! 0

  Dead Space 2 Review   The original Dead Space was a surprise hit for most people. On the surface it seemed like a game that borrowed too many elements from other games and the dismemberment combat wasn’t sold very well. The game exceeded all expectations due to how well all the elements were combined. The controls were incredibly smooth and responsive and the core combat is just a ton of fun. It did suffer from a very repetitive structure but excelled in atmosphere and suspense. Two years late...

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"insert witty alien/predator pun here" 0

  Aliens vs. Predator Review   Well, what a missed opportunity we have here, a run of the mill shooter campaign, a clunky melee shooter campaign and a not so clunky melee campaign. This game had the potential to be amazing, but it’s apparent that for whatever reason, the developer just didn’t have the resources to pull this one off.   You can choose to play the campaign as a marine, an Alien or a Predator. All three are very short but I found the Alien one to be the most fun. There’s just somet...

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The final hour gives you a glimpse of what could have been. 0

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review Playing this Prince of Persia was one of the most relaxing gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Which is a great thing but at the same time disappointing, this game has moments where it comes close to capturing the great formula of the previous games in the series. However, every time it brushes up against this mark, it seems to run away from it and return to playing a very safe, run of the mill experience. This is a very different game than the Prince ...

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Definitely one of the best action experiences gaming can offer. 0

 Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Review To set the record straight, I don’t think Uncharted 2 (by any means) is bad. However, after playing through the game and going back to my favourite parts I just don’t think it deserved 9 game of the year awards. I mean come on, the last game that did that well was Resident Evil 4, and that was... well... Resident Evil 4 you know. Maybe you need to have played the first Uncharted in order to appreciate all the improvements here I don’t know... Anyway, as I ...

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Yeah, you could end up hating your music by the end... 0

Reviewing a game like Beat Hazard presents an interesting problem. It’s a dual stick shooter where the gameplay is influenced by the music on your hard drive. Now, you might be wondering how that works, well it’s very simple; the pace and beats of your music has a direct link to how fast you can shoot and how fast the enemies spawn. The faster/higher tempo of a track, the more insane the shooting gets, and I do mean insane... on the highest mode you’ll have to keep track of 40+ enemies on screen...

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This time, with more chainsaw... 0

Dead Rising 2 Review What is it with gamers and zombies? There seems to be something incredibly satisfying about slaughtering hordes of the undead that we just can’t get enough of. Dead Rising 2 is the sequel to the original and the follow up to the Case Zero game that was released on the XBLA. Dead Rising 2 makes some big changes to the original (both good and bad) and ultimately delivers more of the same wacky and silly antics as the previous games. Dead Rising 2 is set in Fortune City; a Las ...

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It's everything Bungie's last Halo game needed to be. 0

 Halo Reach Review Changing the Halo formula is a very risky business, there is no doubt about that. The beta for Reach that was run earlier in the year had a pretty mixed reception. I for one did not like the changes they had made the mechanics of the MP, the armour abilities and weapons didn’t seem right yet. However, that was a beta and this is the final game, and I can say that I have never been so pleasantly surprised by a game in my life. Reach takes place literally right before the ev...

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In Painkiller, you will shoot a lot of dudes in the face. 0

 Painkiller Review Now here’s a game intended for the old-school crowd. This game doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, which is great because what it tries to be is an over the top, action packed shooter that doesn’t let up on the action from the minute you begin the game until the end. In Painkiller you play as a man who is denied entrance to heaven until he eliminates Lucifer’s generals (yeah, you read that right) and must fight your way through levels filled with hundreds of undesirable demon...

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For what it needs to be, this game is perfect. 0

  Metal Gear Solid 4 Review It is truly amazing that it’s been eight years since I last played a Metal Gear Solid I enjoyed. MGS3 just didn’t do it for me in the ways that MGS2 did and the PSP titles have never really interested me all that much. I was under no delusions when going into MGS4, I knew exactly what to expect and still maintained a little reservation due to how disappointed I was with MGS3. I cannot say how much I enjoyed this game though, it was everything I could have wanted from ...

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Ninja Gaiden in the palm of your hand. 0

 Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Review This was my first experience using a DS. I am huge fan of the Ninja Gaiden series and had wanted to try this out for ages. I can safely say that if you’re a fan of Ninja Gaiden you will enjoy this, albeit in slightly stripped down form this is the closest thing to having Ninja Gaiden in the palm of your hand. The biggest show stopper is the controls, they are just perfect; everything is controlled with the stylus. While this doesn’t offer the same skill based ga...

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Size does matter, but not when it comes to games. 0

 Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters Review The Ratchet and Clank series has been around for 8 years now. Insomniac really haven’t done much to change the (for the most part) winning formula that is the Ratchet and Clanks experience. Every game has always managed to create a very fun and challenging experience filled with great characters, outrageous weapons and original gadgets. The pinnacle of the series for me was RAC2, this expanded on the weapons, added the awesome space combat sections and ha...

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