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    Hostile bandit wizard in the Honningbrew Basement.

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    Hamelyn is a Breton bandit wizard living in the basement of Honningbrew Meadery. He carries a journal that claims he was a imprisoned in Whiterun for being a "madman", but eventually made an escape after a decade and enrolled at the College of Winterhold as an apprentice alchemist.

    After he made his way to the College of Winterhold, the treatment he got didn't improve. He also mentions in his journal that "My instructors beat me and said I was irresponsible, and the Arch Mage cast me into the streets like a common beggar." Hamelyn has taken the basement of Honningbrew Meadery to create his army of skeever to get his revenge against Whiterun and Winterhold. His skeever are being exploited by Mallus Maccius in order to get rid of Sabjorn, the owner of Honningbrew Meadery.

    Hamelyn wears some fur armor with matching bracers and a pair of Imperial light boots. He will attack Dovahkiin on sight, and can be a strong enemy as he uses a lot of destruction magic.


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