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Quote from the rear of the box;

"Unite the Ham-Hams & unlock boss's secret! Hamtaro hops from TV to Game Boy for an adventure starring all the Ham-Hams! Learn Ham-Chat: practice the Ham-Hams' secret language! Reunite the Ham-Hams find all 12 Ham-Hams to learn Boss's secret! Make a Ham-Jam: create dances with Ham-Chat, and then share them with friends if you both have Game Boy Color systems. (You cannot trade with a Game Boy Advance system.)" 


The game features multiple zones to find Ham-hams, complete tasks, and solve puzzles in. 


The main hub of the game. Here you can see the Ham-hams you have found, check which are still missing, and perform Ham-jams to Ham-chat moves.  

Acorn Shrine


Sunflower park 


Sky Garden  


Sunflower Elementary 




Sunflower Market 


The game features a "Ham-chat" system for interacting with objects. As Hamtaro progresses through the game, he learns new words in Ham-chat to help him on his journey. There are 85 Ham-chat words in the game. 
Ham-chat WordEnglish Meaning
 Nokrmp-P Hungry 
 Nopookie  Dislike 
 Hammo    Friend 
 Gasp-POh no! 
 ChukchukGive up 
 Thank-QThank you 
 NopiblooDon't fret 
 Mega-Q             Big 
 Hamha  Greeting 

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