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    Kid Friendly

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    Games made for a younger audience, usually between 3-9.

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    Kid friendly games are games without violence and sexual content and other content geared toward adults. Some kid friendly games are educational in nature and used in the classrooms in schools. Kid friendly games usually have characters that kids can recognise, such as Dora the Explorer. They are usually very simple and aren't hard, so the kid can easily understand what he or she must do. Most of the time, kid friendly games are party games or movie tie-ins.

    The Wii is widely considered the most kid friendly console because of its large library of kid friendly games, as well as the simplicity of the controls (not many buttons and a lot of the games are based off of simple motions). However, it also has some very adult-geared games such as MadWorld. The Xbox 360 has a feature that allows parents to control what games they can play, not allowing their child's gamertags to play games with higher adult content. The PS3 also has a similar system.

    Because of pressure from parenting groups as well as the industry's belief that there needed to be distinctions in content by rating, a system was set up to classify games by age group . This helps parents find kid friendly games based on ratings such at E for Everyone and E10.


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