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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is EA's game based on the third movie and book in the Harry Potter series. The big difference with the previous game in the series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is that you take control of all three main characters at once. All characters have a speciality; Harry is the agile one, and he can do such things as climb on ropes and leap over  chasms the others can't. Ron can find secret passages the other characters cannot detect, and Hermione can squeeze through small opening in walls the other can't get through.

You take classes in the game that are pretty much dungeons you must get through, and at the end you'll find a spellbook that'll give you a new spell, either an offensive one or a spell that'll get you

You now control all three characters
You now control all three characters
through obstacles. While not taking classes, you can freely roam Hogwarts, which has been expanded upon since the last game. You can play minigames like flying a hippogriff, and you can interact with other pupils in the school for odd jobs. The broomstick that allowed you to fly around Hogwarts' grounds has been removed.
You can also hook up an eye-toy  and play some mini-games, including one where you have to capture a snitch.

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