Best Helicopter Movie?

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#1 Posted by NotSoSneakyGuy (172 posts) -

Really I can only think of two helicopter movies, Blue Thunder and Firebirds.
Firebrids was a kind of not good Top Gun and for certain was trying to capture some of that magic. Sure it had Nicholas Cage and Tommy Lee Jones but ehh...
Blue Thunder had a much better gimmick and plot which I think is more enjoyable.
Anyone else recall other helicopter movies? There has to be more...

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#2 Posted by Skytylz (4136 posts) -

Black Hawk Down? 

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#3 Posted by NotSoSneakyGuy (172 posts) -

I'm not counting that.

I'm saying that a helicopter movie must have:
1. The protagonist piloting a helicopter
2. The antagonist piloting a heilcopter
3. A helicopter dogfight

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#4 Posted by Mike (17289 posts) -
@NotSoSneakyGuy: The only other two movies I can think of that feature helicopter fights are Birds of Prey and Deadly Encounter, not sure if they ever saw theatrical releases though. Oh yes, I will be abusing my powers to create the helicopter page on the Whiskey movie site, just you watch. That page is going to be legendary, and, "the site" will have to develop it's own culture, fuck 'em, they're getting an awesome helicopters in movies page that shall absolutely destroy all others.

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