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  • Skytylz posted a message on the post Halo Infinite Review.

    @finaldasa said:@lively: But if that game changes dramatically after an update within 6 months, is that review still useful? Fortnite just changed its entire map. Halo is split with multiplayer free a...

  • Skytylz created a list 10 Favorite Games Ever.
  • Skytylz posted a message on the post 684: Brad's Leaving.


  • Skytylz posted a message in the forum topic Vinny, Brad, and Alex are leaving the site. Last day is Friday.. on the General Discussion board

    Good luck you guys! Hope to hear from you all still! Definitely the end of an era, I'm way behind on Bombcasts and wasn't sure I would catch up, I guess I know the answer now.

  • Skytylz posted a message on the post The Dark Side of the Moon.

    I think my enjoyment of FMV games is inversely proportional to the quality of the video. I just can't come around on HD ones, feels wrong.

  • Skytylz posted a message on the post Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

    Looks really cool, thanks for the video! I wish it was wifi based though, oh well. Maybe in Super Mario Kart Live!