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    Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released October 2004

    Kult Heretic Kingdoms is an action RPG set in the Heretic Kingdoms. You are an inquisitor that is tasked with retrieving the Godslayer sword.

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    Kult: Heretic Kingdoms is an isometric action RPG that shies away from generic fantasy tropes. You are a member of the Inquisition who is dedicated to eliminating religion at any cost. At the start of the game you are tasked with retrieving the Godslayer sword which was stolen by religious zealots who are intent on reviving God. There are different factions in the game warring for power where it’s never quite clear if they are good or evil. The same goes for the player, who can make choices on whether they should follow or break the path that has been given to them - and thus can change the game's ending.

    Development History

    The game engine and art assets were developed by 3D People. The narrative design was handled by International Hobo Ltd. Originally the game was intended to be a generic fantasy action RPG. After 3D People collaborated with International Hobo, the gameplay mechanics and narrative of the game were completely overhauled.

    Originally the game started with a male main character returning home after a morning walk, only to find his house burnt down. This later changed to a female main character intending to invade a monastery for a powerful relic, only to find out that someone else has beaten her to it and burned down the monastery after leaving.

    The game started out with a Dungeons & Dragons style setting with orcs, elves and dwarves. Those races were dropped in favor of the werewolf-like Taymurian race and a tall goblin-like race called the Sura with its own caste system.

    The world was originally called Rywennia but was later changed to the more general name “the Heretic Kingdoms”. Religion is made illegal in this world and the leading power, the Inquisition, is dedicated to annihilating it.

    The game was originally called Cult but due to an IP clash the name was changed to Kult: Heretic Kingdoms.

    Distinguishing Features

    Attunements: There are less items in Kult: Heretic Kingdoms than there are in a standard action RPG. However, each item has its own unique “attunement” or buff/spell which you unlock by using that item for a length of time. You need to use the correct type of equipment for the attunement to be available, e.g. a fire wand for the fireball spell. Some of the attunements require that you don’t wear armor or use a specific weapon for them to be available for use.

    Blood Points: There are no potions in Kult: Heretic Kingdoms. However, there are healing items which you can reuse infinitely but every time the player gets damaged he loses “Blood Points” which lowers his maximum HP. The only way to restore your maximum HP is to rest at an inn or campfire.

    Dreamworld: The Dreamworld is an ethereal dimension that exists alongside the physical world. Some enemies only exist in the physical world, some in the Dreamworld, some in both. The player is able to switch between worlds at will which can give him a tactical advantage when fighting against foes.

    PC System Requirements

    Minimum / Recommended

    • OS: Windows 2000 / Windows XP + SP1
    • CPU: 1.2 Ghz / 1.8 Ghz
    • Memory: 256 MB( 512 for XP) / 512 MB Ram
    • Videocard: 32 MB with DirectX 8.1 support / 32 MB with DirectX 9 support
    • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0a or better
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Additional : Intel graphics devices are NOT supported


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