Hit the Ice

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 20, 1991

    An over-the-top hockey arcade game by Williams that was later ported to consoles.

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    Hit the Ice is an arcade style hockey game originally developed and published by Williams Electronics and later ported to home consoles by Taito.


    Hit the Ice is a 1-player or 2-player (Versus, or Co-op) game and is a fast moving hockey game with little to no rules. The gameplay systems involved allow players to pass the puck to other members on their team and for the opposing team to intercept the puck by skating and breaking the straight line of passage between both of the passing team players.

    The game gets more arcade like with the super shots. A player if left alone and unobstructed for long enough can charge up the shot causing their player to backflip and shoot the puck past the goalie or into the goalie knocking them into the net for the goal. The next super shot is is a windmill which which is performed when one player is skating behind the net and hitting the pass button when the player in front of the net's stick begins to glow. If done correctly the puck will be flipped over the net and the player in front will spin and bat the puck into the net.

    Since the game is basically a hockey version of Arch Rivals there are no rules. Players have special moves including: elbows, headbutts, slashing, and a swift kick to the groin, all of which are illegal in the sport of hockey. Along with with no penalties comes fighting and lots of it; though it occurs at random the players will fight, and when in a fight the player can dodge by holding away from the opposing player, punch and also uppercut, the loser of the brawl falling to the ice with birds flying over their head. Winning a fight comes with a few advantages, the player involved in the scuff will receive and speed boost and the chance to grab some tainted although very powerful water from the bench resulting in a zero time charge for a Super Shot, while the loser will stay sluggish in control for sometime after the fight, and if a player loses too many fights in one period they are removed with an injury.

    The Roster

    Hit the Ice is in no way connected the the NHL so therefore does not contain any NHL players.

    • "Dicky" Fontaine
    • "Gunner" Hall (spoof of Glen Hall)
    • Pierre Bourdoir
    • Phil Bonker (spoof of Phil Esposito)
    • "Battleship" Boyd
    • David Volek
    • Iven Yakashev spoof of a Soviet player from 1972
    • Willy Lindberg
    • Tom Horyna (spoof of Tim Horton)
    • Al Gigliano
    • Happy Goleck ("happy-go-lucky")
    • Wayne Greatman (spoof of Wayne Gretzky)
    • Reggy Marsh
    • Jonny Novak
    • Petter Kidd, *"Bo" Cleveland
    • Bob Dover
    • Mike Barr

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