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 Hollywood Pinball is a pinball game that was developed by Tarantula Studios and published by Take-Two Interactive (European Versions) and Starfish (Japanese Version). Hollywood pinball was never released in the United States. 
There are four different languages that can be selected to play the game in: 
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Francais
  • Italiano


Hollywood Pinball is all about getting the highest score possible and keeping the ball in play. The ball is launched by holding down on the D-Pad, then releasing it. The left flipper is used by pressing left, up, or right on the D-Pad while the right flipper is controlled by pressing the A button.  


 There are seven different tables that can be played on. Each of these tables resembles a classic Hollywood hit movie such as James Bond or Indiana Jones. 
  • Shark!
  • Terror Dactyl!
  • Double Agent
  • The Legend of Robin Hood
  • Galaxy Wars
  • Ancient Temple of the Aztecs
  • Motel Hell

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