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    Hong Meiling

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    One of the many characters in the Touhou Project, she is a Youkai and the guardian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

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    Hong Meiling is a youkai who guards the entrance to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where Remilia Scarlet, her mistress, resides. Her specialty is her skillful use of martial-arts, which can be seen through her movements, which incorporate Shin-Kyaku (a move in Chinese martial-arts) into them.

    She has aqua eyes and scarlet hair (which represents both her name and the place she is guarding). She wears a green dress and beret, both of which represent traditional Chinese clothing. Her beret has a gold star on the front, which reads long (dragon).

    In most art and among fans Hong Meiling she is often seen with Sakuya as a love interest of some sort.


    • The character for "Hong" literally means "Scarlet" in Japanese, and "Red" in Chinese, while "Meiling" means "Beautiful Bell".
    • She is mainly known as "Chuugoku", which translates to "China". Even ZUN has admitted to calling her China, as it is considered a half-official name at the moment. This nickname is further accentuated through her clothing and the name of her stage BGM, "Chinese Tea".
    • Although she was featured as a playable character in Immaterial and Missing Power, she was the only character to not receive her own storyline, much to the disdain of many fans.

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