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    A 3D action adventure game set in a huge open world.

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    Don't kill the rabbits
    Don't kill the rabbits

    Hunter is a 3D action-adventure game programmed for the Amiga and Atari ST by Paul Holmes, and was published by Activision for in 1991.

    The main quest for the player character, The Hunter, is to find a general and bring his head back to the employer.

    This is done by running, driving, swimming, sailing and shooting your way from point to point around the huge world getting new co-ordinates from people you meet until you finally get to the general and can retrieve his head.

    Giving the player a large degree of freedom, it could be called an early sandbox game. The game has a lot of weapons and vehicles at your disposal. Some of the vehicles are, boats, tanks, jeeps, bicycles, helicopters, surfboards and hovercrafts.

    Control of the character are relatively simple, out of necessity; the Atari and Amiga had 1-button joysticks. However, mouse and keyboard controls are also used to select weapons, adjust zoom levels, etc.

    Apart from the island empires military forces there is wildlife that concists of rabbits, seagulls and dangerous sharks. Killing wildlife results in a message that you have "Destroyed a seagull for -30 credits". A group called "destroy all seagulls" currently exists on Facebook.

    The intro screen/opening of the game has music by Martin Walker, but in the game itself, there are only ambient sounds. These consist mostly of waves, seagulls, and engine noise from whatever vehicle the player might be in.

    Graphically, the game was technically impressive for the time and the machines it was programmed for. The polygonal 3D graphics were somewhat limited in colo, animation and framerate, but the game generally performed well.

    It was critically well received, with scores in the high 80 to mid 90-range.


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