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Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride is a mix of dating sim and RPG genres, spliced with demons, vampires and a modern high school setting.


Phaid, who resides in the devildom realm has recently reached adulthood when his father summons him and talks of a ritual that all vampires must undertake upon reaching adulthood.

The ritual consists of Phaid going to earth and searching for a girl with the “Platinum Aura” and sucking her blood. Although to complicate things, the ritual must be accomplished within three years and the girl must consensually allow Phaid to suck her blood.

Phaid is then enrolled into a high school and given a residence to live in, along with a butler to assist in his search.


Gameplay in Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride can be divided into two genres, dating sim and RPG.

The dating sim elements have a traditional visual novel presentation with static backgrounds, animated characters and text to progress the story.

Various statistics are used through out the game that the player can modify by doing certain activity's after school, along with a calender to keep track of dates.

Players have the chance to respond to certain questions or events to modify the affection girls have toward Phaid. The player can trigger events like these by phoning a girl to arrange a date, which take place at a certain locations in the city.

Phaid also has the ability to summon devils from devildom to help him in investigating suspect “Platinum Aura” girls and to aid him in battle.

The RPG elements take place by roaming the city in the evenings and encountering random monsters and vampire hunters, along with chance to encounter and interact with various girls. Phaid also can purchase items, equipment and magic spells to help in random battles. The battle system is more simplistic than in most RPGs and is presented in a first person view with a single opponent.


While Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride has only officially been released in Japan, a fan translation of the game has been available for several years as of 2008.

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