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Mortal-kind struggles to flourish in the lands of Aetherius, a ravaged landscape shaped by the hammer of war, honed by the ambitions of man. This is Imperian, where forces of magick wage war with those who oppose its use. There is heavy emphasis on roleplay and staying in-character across all public channels, enforced by game administration. PvP is also a large theme, as rivaling factions wage war against one another. It enjoys a moderately large player base and a full staff of developers.


  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week game administration.
  • Thousands of unique areas, allowing you to explore the world for days, with new places to explore all the time.
  • A detailed weather system which simulates everything from blistering summer days to bone chilling blizzards.
  • Hundreds of skills, with hundreds of unique skills based on a players guild.
  • The ability to tailor your own unique clothing, jewelry, food, and more for personal use or sale.
  • Player owned housing and shops.
  • Various organizations available for membership, including cities, councils, guilds, clans and religious orders.
  • Many more!

Player Skills

Alchemy Antidotes Artistry Beastmastery Bladedance Bonding Bowmanship Brutality Chivalry Concoctions Constitution Cooking Crystalism Curses Desecration Devotion Elemancy Engineering Enslavery Evasion Evileye Fayth Fitness Frost Galvanism Groves Healing Hunting Hypnosis Jewelry Kaido Kanai Knifeplay Malignosis Masonry Metalworking Naturalism Necromancy Noctu PerceptionPhilosophy Predation Runelore Sabotage Shadowbinding Shamanism Shield-Dance Smithing Spatium Survival Taekate Tailoring TamingTarot Tattoos Telepathy Thermology Thespia Torment Toxins Trailblazing Vodun Voice Wardance Warding Weaponry Woodcrafting

Combat / PvP

Damage is done to your overall persona as well as your head, limbs, and torso, providing body part specific attacks and afflicted states (such as a concussion from too much head damage). There are hundreds of afflictions and curses a player can receive, from paralysis to epilepsy to claustrophobia.

Many classes also feature gruesome instakill finishers if your opponent is sufficiently prepped.


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