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Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands is a roleplay-intensive, text-based MMORPG, released in 1997. Published by Iron Realms Entertainment, it remains one of the most popular MUDs today, and is one of very few MUDs to be included on modern video game lists.

The gameplay in Achaea offers a deep, intense role playing experience, allowing players to delve into the classical Greek inspired mythology surrounding the history of the game. Players may become involved in factions that uphold religious or political ideals. Good, Evil, Chaos and Nature are all represented by organizations that players may join and wage war with one another. Players may also become intricately involved in the politics of their own guilds and cities, holding elections and wielding political influence as their weapon of choice, imposing trade sanctions on other player organizations if they don't shape up..

Achaea also pioneered the pay-for-perks model that many MMOs are using today, holding auctions for enhanced game items in exchange for player donations. It opened the first cash shop, allowing players to purchase credits which may then be used to purchase special items. Where Achaea's cash shop differs from other MMORPGs, however, is that you don't need to spend real money to acquire cash shop items. A dedicated player can earn gold through normal methods like questing, bashing, fishing, or even selling potions and weapons to other players through player-owned stores. Once a player has enough gold, they may buy credits from another player, allowing players to become as strong as they want without ever spending a single dime on the game.


  • A unique, original, detailed mythology that is constantly shaping with new content.
  • Player actions ultimately craft the universe, as behind-the-scenes writers update non-linear events.
  • Absolutely free. Players may acquire any of the "cash shop" items through determination. Everything has its worth in gold coins.
  • Thousands of unique combat abilities, allowing players to engage in memorable duels that are a test of true wit and strategy instead of hitpoints and levels.

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