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The story is about the Germans planning to build a Doomsday Zeppelin, which will contain many powerful weapons. To design such machinery, they have hired the world's most brilliant and sinister scientists. A German spy-ring then sends agents to buy weapons from these four scientists, each located in a different part of the world.

Young Indiana Jones, an agent of the Belgian Intelligence, is the only one who can stop them. He uses short-wave radio transmissions intercepted by the French to find out where the scientists are located and sets on to his mission.


Missions take place in many places around the world, like Tibet, Egypt, England and more.
There is no fixed order in which to do the missions, you start with four of them unlocked and by completing them you unlock more missions.


Indy can use a pistol, throw grenades or swing his whip.


The pistol is the best weapon in the game because of its range, but it does not damage enemies as much as the grenade. It is possible to use the d-pad to aim in all of its eight directions, except straight down. Also, it is adviseable to be economic with the pistol's shots, as ammo is scarce and it is hard to find a lot more in the levels.


Grenades are useful to break machines and stationary enemies, but not very good at taking out enemies that do move. Since most enemies move towards Indy, the grenade is not adviseable for most situations, since its explosion will not damage the enemy. The grenade's range is satisfactory, but not being able to control it makes its use quite tricky and makes it seem a bit too much work for too little of a payoff.


The whip is Indy's only weapon that you can always count on during the game, since you will never run out of it. Pressing the B button makes him swing foward and hit the groung with it. Holding the B button lets you control the whip with the d-pad. When that is done, the whip's sprite looks very weird, as it changes length constantly, looking like a big, flabby rubber band. The more you keep moving the whip the more it looses its initial momentum, making it shorter and not damaging enemies as much. The whip is also used to swing while hanging to higher platforms or even to climb to those platforms. The whip is the most useful weapon against airborne enemies like bats and birds and crawling enemies like scorpions.

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